Welcome to MoM group

Welcome to the Mechanics of Materials (MoM) group at IIT Indore. The group is lead by Dr. Eswara Prasad Korimilli and does research in the area of the mechanical behavior of materials primarily to understand role of various microstructural length scales and experimental time scales on the deformation behavior of materials. We use several mechanical and micro-structural characterization tools to unravel the influence of micro-structure, primarily, on the mechanical properties. We resort to both experimental and computational techniques to develop a holistic understanding of role of various micro-structural features on deformation and failure of various materials.

The details of the projects are given in the research page and they will be updated periodically. We would like to work with highly "motivated" students. In case if you would like to work with us, please send us an e-mail (eswar_at_iiti.ac.in) with detailed proposal on the topic you would like to work on along with your CV.