December's episode will feature Dr. Beth Rubin, Chair of the Department of Theory, Policy, and Administration at Rutgers University. She will be joined by administrators, teachers, and students who have been involved in her innovative classroom-based civic projects in central New Jersey.

Guests on published episodes are listed below. Please click on their names to learn more about them.

Cat McDonald, DC lobbyist & President of Linchpin Strategies

Dan Krutka, social studies ed professor at the University of North Texas

Jeremy Stoddard
, professor of education at University of Wisconsin-Madison

John Silva and Miriam Romais, staff at the News Literacy Project

Judith Pace, professor of education at University of San Francisco

Amber Joseph, history teacher at East Side Community School, NYC

Elizabeth Clay Roy, CEO of Generation Citizen

Ethan Lowenstein
, professor of teacher education at Eastern Michigan University

Alexis Thorbecke, Program Manager at Earth Force

Diana Hess, Dean of the School of Education at University of Wisconsin-Madison

Lauren Collet-Gildard, social studies teacher at Arlington High School (NY)

James Hartwick, teacher educator at University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Wayne Journell, social studies scholar at UNC-Greensboro

Thomas Patterson, government professor at Harvard University

Jill Bass, Chief Education Officer at Mikva Challenge

Jane Lo, civic education scholar at Michigan State University

Emma Humphries, Chief Education Officer at iCivics

Scott Warren, Co-Founder of Generation Citizen