The famous CBS Radio series of
240 broadcasts from 1947 to 1954

Compiled and annotated by Keith Scott as of June 26, 2020

(c) 2020 by Keith Scott; permission to use with full academic attribution is granted

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Read Escape: An Appreciation for a perspective of Escape's history and what made it so unique (click here)

How this log was created... and a word of thanks to those who assisted along the way

My lifelong profession is as a voice actor and impressionist. I came to appreciate the professionals involved in US radio performances early in my career. I studied their techniques and their voices, and some were also as career role models. Being based in Australia, I was blessed to find US collectors who could assist me in my endeavors. My admiration for ESCAPE and the other West Coast programs of the 1946-59 era can be traced to two vintage collectors of impeccable reputation, Skip Craig and Ken Greenwald, who were my first sources of the great shows of the past, starting in 1973. Thanks, too, to Ron Wolf and Marty Halperin of the old PACIFIC PIONEER BROADCASTERS in the halcyon days when it was a place to visit and salivate, located in the basement of what was once the NBC Studios on Sunset and Vine in Hollywood. Others who assisted over many years with my collecting and historical mania were Don Aston, John & Larry Gassman and SPERDVAC, the late Chris Lembesis and a reliable band of analog-era collectors like Ron Barnett, Bob Burnham, Dick Judge, and George Fowler. I shifted my focus to the area of primary research in 1992 when I made my first visit to the excellent Thousand Oaks Library which had begun housing the vast CBS script collection. My sincerest gratitude is offered to research staffers Brad Miller and Jeanette Berard and also Cynthia Thomas, who has assisted me in recent years. References consulted include radio history articles by two splendid researchers, Karl Schadow and the late Stewart Wright. For spelling of actor, author, and character names I examined the original scripts, various volumes of National Radio Artists Directory, and The AFRA Guide. I would like to thank Dr Joe Webb for his skillful assistance at formatting my bare-bones data, and for our highly enjoyable and abiding exchange of information on the great topic of radio history. He has also been patiently educating me in the intricacies of the brave new world of digital era radio collecting. -- Sincerely, KS

Escape by season: broadcast information and production details and credits for each episode;

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Escape: a statistical overview of its 240 broadcasts

  • 194 initial productions

  • 46 re-performance broadcasts: two scripts were produced four times, eight scripts were produced three times, and twenty-six scripts were produced twice


  • Norman Macdonnell: 105 shows

  • William N. Robson: 79 shows

  • Antony Ellis: 40 shows

  • Morton Fine & David Friedkin: 10 shows

  • Richard Sanville: 4 shows

  • Gordon T. Hughes: 2 shows

160 ADAPTATIONS and their authors

  • Les Crutchfield: 52 shows

  • John Dunkel: 25 shows

  • William N. Robson: 17 shows

  • Antony Ellis: 5 shows

  • Others: 61



  • Cy Feuer: 41 shows

  • Wilbur Hatch: 19 shows

  • Del Castillo: 33 shows

  • Ivan Ditmars: 57 shows

  • Leith Stevens: 87 shows

  • Lucien Morawek: 1 show

  • Sandy Courage: 1 show (better known as Alexander Courage, composer of the Star Trek theme)

  • Rex Koury: 1 show

The Missing Episodes

Recordings of the following episodes are missing, but there are adaptations on other CBS programs using similar production crews and actors, and also modern recreations by fans of the program. Please let us know at if there are any recreations at conventions or other venues that we have not noted.

  • 10/08/1947 – The Run of the Yellow Mail (read the original short story [click here])

  • 10/08/1949 - The Primitive

  • 10/29/1949 - The Blue Wall (read the original short story [click here])

  • 06/09/1950 - The Big Sponge

  • 11/23/1952 - Transport to Terror (was performed on Romance 1955-07-16)

  • 11/30/1952 – Pagosa ( another inspiration for the Gunsmoke series; was also performed on Romance on 1951-08-06)

  • 12/28/1952 - Nightmare in the Sun

  • 01/04/1953 - Dangerous Man

  • 05/24/1953 - The Blue Hotel (1977 recreation - begins at approximately 5 minutes into the recording [click here])

  • 06/28/1953 - One-Eighth Apache (recreation by American Radio Theater [click here])

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