The Tempest

Stage 32 presented Shakespeare's "The Tempest" in the fall of 2016. Adapted and directed by Erin Galligan-Baldwin; choreography by Heather Clark-Warner, set design by Erin Galligan-Baldwin and Cher Laston, lighting design by Wendy Stephens and costumes by Amy Papineau; with original music by Kieran Verret, class of 2017, assisted by Roger Grow.

This adaptation of Shakespeare’s magical play tells the story of the Duchess of Milan, Prospera, who uses sorcery to cause a shipwreck that brings her treacherous brother to the enchanted isle where she has lived in exile with her daughter for twelve years. Sorcery, monsters, romance, and drunken foolery spin their world into surreal chaos before the siblings meet and order is restored. In this interpretation of "The Tempest," the original male gender of Prospero was changed to female in order to highlight our changing gender roles in society and to examine the power of a mother’s love.

Please follow this link for a recording of the TEMPEST by ORCA Media.