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Student Quotes:

Erin has been the most amazing director. She gives students a chance to learn more about acting and a place to hone their craft. She gives all of Stage 32 a safe place to be after school and she motivates every actor and theater technician to do their very best.

It has been one of my favorite experiences to come to U-32 and work with Erin.

Thank you for building my confidence.

I've always known I would have fun with theater, but I didn't realize that I'd make so many memories or friends. Erin really made me feel like I have two feet on the ground.

Erin has helped me find my passion of acting.

Erin is resourceful, creative and passionate and one of the most patient and generous teachers and collaborators I have encountered in the arts. She is an absolute pleasure to collaborate with and holds herself and others to high standards.

~ Margo Whitcomb: Director/Educator/Performer; Parent

Thanks for providing such a safe place for these kids to open themselves up and share their talents and hearts with the community.

~ Sorsha Anderson: Director/Teacher; Parent

Erin is a multitasking queen who can call a room to attention with a sweet whisper.

Erin pushes students to think critically and analytically. She pulls them into theater, drama, and literature in a way where they are able to reflect on their identity, their environment, and their world. She is kind, funny, and enthusiastic with her peers, and she is always there when you need her.

~ Adrian Wade-Kinney: Colleague

I was blown away by ALL aspects of Stage 32's Sweeney Todd! Music, voice, acting, choreography, sets, costumes... Such talent and hard work! Bravo.

~ Laure Angel

Real learning happens hands on, thanks for showing me. Graduation is a scary time for a lot of my peers, however, I know I have a postive, motivated mentor advocating for me. What a wonderful profession to get to work with students every day and engage in learning. It inspires me that you have not stopped learning either.

~ CharlieDan Sheffy; University of Vermont student teacher, 2015

The Vermont Arts Council: Stage 32 Ready to Go

Theater isn’t only about acting. It’s also about working together, applying technical knowledge, and taking risks. The kids who took theater classes this year at U-32 High School learned those things—and more—from a number of artists.

Erin Galligan-Baldwin is U-32′s theater director and one of the performing arts faculty. Throughout the 2014-15 school year, she brought in personnel from the nearby Lost Nation Theater to teach the students about lighting, hosted a number of artists from around New England to be a part of Theater Lab, and had theater arts educator Cher Laston as a guest director. Now, Erin and a Vermont playwright, Mary Beth McNulty, are helping students develop an original play called “Baggage.”

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Erin's Testimony before the Vermont Legislature House Committee on Education.