Conservation. Photography. 

One week after turning 18 I left Pittsburgh and headed to Florida to follow my first passion: the ocean. I graduated with a degree in Environmental Policy and took a summer job managing bears in Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks. I explored the majestic backcountry with my point-and-shoot camera which just couldn't fully capture the massive scale of the scenery, the distant wildlife, or the tiny details of the alpine flowers. A few months later I got my first real camera and began to follow my second passion: photography.

I returned to Florida and for years I had a day job working in coastal resource management and conservation, and a weekend job shooting photos (usually weddings - I love shooting birds but people actually pay me to shoot brides). This was great but eventually I preferred spending my weekends paddle boarding with my family and not shooting a stranger's wedding. 

Now I have decided to combine my two passions and use photography to promote, explore, and document important themes in conservation. I can leverage my experiences as both a photographer and environmental scientist to capture those individuals and groups working to restore habitats, protect species, study ecosystems, and give back to a planet that gives us everything. 

On assignment for a client that needed dark and stormy scenes to accompany the release of a supernatural thriller novel that featured an approaching hurricane as a major story element.