7th Workshop on Stochastic Methods in Game Theory

Erice, 12–18 May 2022

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the workshop has been moved to 12–18 May 2022.

The goal of this workshop is to examine some recent developments of the interaction between stochastics and game theory. The focus will be on game theoretic models that heavily use stochastic tools and on stochastic methods that find relevant applications in game theory. This 7th edition of the workshop will focus—not exclusively— on the following topics:

Prophet inequalities and secretary problems

Bandit models

Congestion games under uncertainty

Strategic queues

Stochastic games

Learning in games

Information transmission on networks

Social learning

Games with a random number of players

Search games

Stochastic matching


The speakers will be scholars in different fields: stochastics, economics, operations research, computer science, mathematics, control engineering etc.