Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Project

Understanding European Economic Policy: Towards a Deeper Union

Pre-conference interview of the keynote speaker Lionel Fontagné (Banque de France and Paris School of Economics – Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne)

Confirmed Keynote Speaker: Lionel Fontagné

Roma Tre University

Via Silvio D'Amico 77

June 10th, 2022

full program (includes participation details)

10th release (April 20, 2022)

General Description

The Erasmus+ Jean Monnet ProjectUnderstanding European Economic Policy: Towards a Deeper Union” (“DEEPLY”) aims to promote studies, knowledge, consciousness, monitoring activities and international spread about EU economic policy over a wide range of target groups (e.g. scholars, students, civil society, stakeholders, experts from Institutions, and policy makers) to stimulate knowledge transfer and cross- fertilization.

The European Union has been facing crucial challenges in several respects. From an economic perspective the inception of the global financial crisis and its asymmetric consequences on EU countries has raised a significant Euro-skepticism. European economic policy is perceived as unfriendly, either by those facing more severe budget constraints or by countries with healthier economies. These feelings are reflected in the resurgence of populisms and neo-nationalisms which lead to a disaffection of the European Project. To head on towards a deeper Union it is critical to promote the study of the impact of European economic policy on Member states and rise knowledge and consciousness on the benefits of cooperation among European countries to face the challenges of a globalized economy. Given the expertise of the whole team, the project will focus on two of the most important EU economic policies: Trade and Cohesion.

“DEEPLY” specific objectives

- Increase knowledge and interest in EU economic policy through the promotion of initiatives aimed to disseminate knowledge on EU economic policies to the widest audience as possible.

- Promote studies and analyses on the impact of EU economic policy on Member states, with a particular focus on Trade and Cohesion Policies.

- Improve comprehension of the European economic policy to rise consciousness among scholars, students, civil society, stakeholders and policy makers on the benefits of cooperation among European countries.

- Sensitize scholars, students, civil society, stakeholders and policy makers on the relevance of the European Union project to face the challenges of a globalized economy.

- Promote monitoring, documentation and international spread of research, documentation, and materials concerning the EU economic policies.

The project is organized in two main actions:

  • The creation and continuous update of an open-access web web site organized by thematic pathways serving as a hub for materials (see deliverables) concerning EU economic policy.

  • A calendar of national and international events & teaching involving scholars, student, citizens, young professionals, civil society, stakeholders and policy makers on EU policies with a special focus on the two most important EU policies: cohesion policy and trade policy. We will promote training as well as dissemination and cross-fertilization. These events aim to promote and spread knowledge on EU policy and their effects on the economy of member states to a vast audience.