Types of Equipment to Finance

Let’s face it; we’re not all made of money. Even people that run hugely successful businesses might not want to dip into their own company pockets – and when considering equipment finance, there really isn’t much need to anymore.

Equipment financing can be a great way to receive an influx of cash from a lender that can be repaid over a period of time that suits you – whilst allowing you to purchase the assets and resources that you need to maximise the functionality of your business.

But that poses a new question and it relates to the types of equipment to finance, or that can be financed using this type of borrowing option.

So, what can you finance exactly?

If we’re honest, there isn’t much that you can’t.

From vehicles and furniture, right through to electronic gadgets and much more in between. As long as your lender gives you the go-ahead, you could put your cash toward any type of physical asset – and with a variety of options, too.


Let’s imagine that you operate a business that relies on forklift trucks, but you don’t have the cash to spend to add to your fleet.

With financing, you could receive the cost of your new truck from a reputable lender and then focus on paying back what you owe over time. And once your lender accepts your loan application, you’ll be issued the cash fairly quickly, allowing you to put your new vehicle to immediate use as soon as you’ve found a model that you’d like to buy.

Office Equipment

If you run a busy office, or even if you work from home, you’ll undoubtedly need the right types of equipment and facilities to maintain your functionality. Printers, desks, laptops, chairs – even staplers all come under the category of office equipment - and fortunately for you, all of them can be purchased with your lender’s cash.

Resources and Facilities

For those of you that work within retail, construction, management and even fine dining; the likelihood of you needing access to specific types of resources will be very high. Kitchen ovens within busy restaurants can be expensive, as can machinery for construction projects and even mannequins and clothing racks within retail outlets. With financing, you can have these costs covered.

Other Types of Equipment

Almost anything that could be used for productivity, performance and functionality could be deemed equipment; making it fairly straight forward for you to sign up to a borrowing plan, buy what you need to run your business and then enjoy the opportunity to enjoy your new assets from that point onward.

What will you need to start?

A bank that’s willing to make you jump through hoops to receive approval, OR access to a team of friendly, professional financing brokers to make your life as easy as possible.

With this type of team at your side, you could have them compare the pros and cons of particular loans, get to grips with the interest rates and take care of your application – all while you sit back and relax as your chances of approval go through the roof.