Restaurant Equipment Finance

Managing a restaurant is one thing, but being able to afford all of the equipment and facilities needed to keep it functional is something else entirely. With the costs of tables, chairs and cooking equipment increasing as the years go by, more and more restaurant owners are turning to financing options to cover the costs of their assets.

From the moment that a restaurant opens its doors to the general public, the owner will be responsible for ensuring that all equipment on the premises is fit for purpose and functional. This can often set a restaurant owner back thousands of dollars – and that’s just the initial expense. Restaurant equipment finance can be the ideal solution, as it can provide a lump sum of cash for the owner to put to good use; whilst allowing them to pay off what they’ve borrowed (with interest) over time.

How do financing services work?

In most cases, an application will need to be made whereby the restaurant owner will need to approach a lender (or do so with the help of a loans broker). The lender will then ask for a range of information such as the businesses’ expenses, its turnover (or estimated turnover) and other data relating to the credit history of the applicant.

If everything is in order then an offer of lending might be made - and the borrower will then have the chance to review and accept the terms in order to receive the cash support from the financer.

There are stipulations at this point that will be put in place by the lender, but this is why many people consider hiring a financial broker to help with negotiating these terms and conditions. Not only can brokers help with this type of activity; they can also assist by comparing interest rates proposed by varying lenders and then helping the applicant to decide on the right type of financing for their needs.