Dr. Kragie charges a flat cash rate of $100 per hour face to face time (quarter hour increments after one hour). She will not charge for pre-reviewing medical summaries and/or questions to be addressed in the online encounter.

After the remote telemed meeting, she will promptly provide a short report, also at no charge, via agreed upon message transfer (fax, email, snail mail, or in person) that the client may share with their doctors and therapists. Dr. Kragie's intent for the consultation is to support the client's healthcare team, by adding information and insights.

Before scheduling appointments, arrange to send your medical records. Also send three questions of priority for the teleconference.

Prepayment for one hour consultation must be paid ahead of the scheduled appointment.

She accepts credit card via paypal.

She does not accept any insurance, but will provide receipts for documentation. Health Savings Accounts should allow for this 'health education' expense, but do check with your tax professional to be certain.

Arrangements for payment are made via phone call or email at time of appointment scheduling. Usual procedure is to receive and then pay a paypal invoice sent to an email address.