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Dr. Laura Kragie:  My Philosophy

"I dedicated my life to learning, teaching and researching medicine -started when just a teenager.  I sought excellence, or "arete", as the ancient Greeks called it.  My path has been unique, winding through laboratories as well as clinics and wards.  Nowadays, I am called a "Translational Medicine" doctor because I 'translate' new discoveries in order to bring them to the bedside.  

All this constant learning (it is continuous) and my deep experience can be brought to the individual, customized to their specific needs and questions.  That is my mission now - in this phase of my life - working one on one with those who seek my help to enrich their lives and relieve any suffering."

Dr. Kragie's Creative Nonfiction Book 

"Be the Rainbow * Bridge Heaven and Earth: How-to Manual for Integrating Alternative and Evidence-Based Medicine"

Combining recent research from Cognitive Neuroscience with wise masters of the past, it teaches ways of integrating faith-based healing into mainstream medicine. In particular, it explains the importance of recognizing and addressing the instinct for magical thinking. Since patients are using alternative practices for chronic conditions, then it is wise to bring those into the medical therapy mix. Most of all, it describes the Ethical Credo: 

Duty to Distinguish and Disclose

The fundamental bedrock upon which sits our pyramid of increasing healthcare complexity, is made up of those acts that bring forth comfort, relaxation and trust. These include the essential healing elements of 

Time, Tenderness and Touch