The Beatels

Encore Showstation is the official representative for The Beatels in Asia!

THE BEATELS perform music by The Beatles. THE BEATELS perform a 2-set show, featuring a 'Black & White' set (1962-1965) and a "Psychedelic' set (1966-1970). THE BEATELS wear a variety of costumes and play 'Beatles' instruments that reflect the eras in which the songs were recorded.

THE BEATELS are Bruce Coble, Glenn Wheatcroft , Marcus Phelan and Neil Rankin and together they form this internationally acclaimed tribute to The Beatles managed by Encore Showstation in Asia. This dynamic live act has been drawing accolades from around the world. They look like them, they sound like them (boy, do they sound like them!) and with the range of Beatle costumes and instruments, they brilliantly recreate the spirit of the music and the times.

This group has to be seen and heard to be believed! Listen to lush, live, 3-part harmonies, with note-for-note performances of Beatles recordings! Hear the accents that get Scousers (Liverpool locals) swearing “they must come from England!” See the closest John Lennon look-alike! Experience one of the best, most professional and authentic Beatles tributes acts in the world! ‘Get Back’ to us soon!



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