Nathan's Toolbox

This subpage is a location for tips and techniques to share with the LUG

1x2 Plate with pin hole Ring Builder

While messing around with part#11458 in May 2018, Nathan discovered that by attaching the hole to a stud and adding a slight twist a ring structure could be formed. By slowly turning each individual piece, rings of different sizes can be constructed.

Thanks to T. Buckdahn for including this on his website of building techniques; BrickCamp. The entry can be found here: 1x2 with pin hole Ring

Large Propeller Housing

Using various wedge plates I was able to form a prototype prop housing for the larger blades. At one point I was going to build a Minifigure scale Helicarrier with this design incorporated but it never got off the ground.

Jet Turbine

A sleek looking turbine can be built with just a few pieces, there is even a spot to attach the engine to the side of a plane or on the bottom of a wing. The key part for this build is the fan blade, there is not a great substitute for this particular assembly.