Success Stories

Our latest success story is Lady Slipper. She came to us heart worm positive and pregnant. We delivered her puppies and got them healthy and happy. After we weened her puppies we gave her heart worm treatments and got her to be heart worm negative. She is now living in a home with a new brother and sister and a very loving mother.

Sweet Pea came to us from North Carolina where she was on the euthanize list to be put down because she was heart worm positive. Emotional Rescue came to this sweet baby girl's rescue. We put her through foster to adopt where she received her heart worm treatments. She recently had her last heart worm treatment and is now with her forever home mama. She is being treated like the princess she is with the tiara to boot!

Our first adoption! Logan came from a high kill shelter in Texas extremely ill, shut down, and overall in rough shape. Through the strong efforts of his initial foster he became strong, then passed to another foster to get him socialized and adopted. This rescue depends on hard working fosters to bring these little ones back to life, as when they hit MN they are destined for great things.

A word from Logan's new family:

"Hi Emotional Rescue,

He is made himself at home. Jacob came down with a bug all of a sudden. Bad tummy ache. Logan has been a great comfort.

Potty training is going well too.Only two accidents the first night. But has been doing really well since then.

We are getting his schedule set. He is very smart.

He met the neighbors dogs and did great. Thank you so much for the opportunity to bring Logan into our lives. We couldn't asked for a better dog."

Thank you for adopting through ER!

One after another our little friend's keep finding homes! Daisy's new father reached out to tell us how great she is doing after a week in her new home.

"Just to give you a quick update on Daisy, she has been great all week long. She does her duties both outside all the time she had once accident on the second day that's it! That was kind of my fault though for not watching for her signals too close. She is doing so great!... I'm happy and she's happy, so that's really it. Just wanted to give an update for to let you know she's adorable. Right now she is on the floor chewing on a rope toy, so we are both excited. Thank you, Emotional Rescue!"

Serenity went home with her Mama today. Serenity was in tough shape when her foster got her, she was tiny compared to the full happy puppy she is now. Her past is far behind her now, as her mom adores her and will never let her go hungry again.

Little Ms. Arya has found herself a forever home! Her and her sister have both been adopted to wonderful families, here is a note from Arya's new humans!

"We adopted Arya and are completely in Love! She is amazing and we are so happy to have her be a part of our family! She seems to be adjusting really well already. Thank you so much!"

Sansa, Arya's lovely sister went to her forever home! Now that both girls have been placed, we are loving the pictures of them with their new families. These two came up in tough condition, but luckily with some love and TLC they became a part of someone's life. A piece of their new families hearts. Here is Sansa with her new Mom!

A long ways away in TX, there is a woman who is rejoicing. She had the guts to take a very small coonhound out of a kill shelter because she knew this little pup was set up to achieve great things. Now, Reese has gone home to her forever family! Not only will she be an amazing part of their family, she will be a part of the children's lives as they grow. What else could we wish for?

One of our core beliefs as a rescue, is that every dog has a family that is looking for them. Every dogs that was put down, every dog in a kennel, every dog in a shelter, every. Single. One. Penny's new Mom searched for hours and hours to find a special little dog that needed some extra love, she drove hundreds of miles to meet her and then... They fell in love. Penny was on the euthanasia list in Texas and now is safe. No more fear, just love.

Trixie is one happy baby! From being abused and left out to dry, to going through training to become a therapy animal along with her new sister. Trixie will be spreading the love she now feels as being part of a real family to everyone she meets; thank you for adopting through us!

Camper fits so well into his new home, his Mom is shocked she ever managed to live without him! He has made leaps and bounds with his fear issues, to the cute pictures you see now. He gained weight and confidence and the understanding that the cats just want to love you; not eat you!

No matter what happened to Duncan, he was always ready for the next chapter. He is definitely a live in the moment kind of pup, so when the moment came to go home with a young lady to become her Emotional Support Animal Duncan rose to the occasion! Each day will start a new adventure for this boy and his girl, because only once in a life time do you find the love they share. Good luck you two!!

Sully you goofy boy, did you steal you Dad's heart? Sully came to us sad, lost, and in need for someone to guide him. After being bounced around in the Shelter, Sully had shut down to people. Until he met his Dad.. then the world was bright again. He wanted to eat, he wanted to play, he wanted to ride in the car, he wanted... to be himself again. His Dad brought him back from saddness and now they go to work everyday together! A huge thanks to you, for fostering with us and for falling in love.