• How does fostering work?

Fostering an animal is the greatest thing anyone can do for us. By offering up your home, what you are doing is giving a dog a place learn and grow. All of the animals expenses are paid for by Emotional Rescue, meaning no money of yours should ever need to be spent. We supply toys, food, leashes and collars, treats and vet care. All you need to do is teach that dog what it means to be part of a family.

  • How do I apply to foster?

Inside forms on our website, you'll find a form for fostering which you'll want to fill out. All the dogs that need fosters are marked as such on their profiles so if you see one dog you would like to help more than another, you can definitely include that. Once we get your application, it is basically identical to adopting. We call you references, chat with you about what dog would fit best and then schedule a home visit. We come by when our times fit and boom! New little friend running around the house.

  • How does the adoption process work?

First, you apply for the dog you're interested in! After we receive your app it can take typically a day to two to go through and call all of the references. Once the application has been reviewed and approved it goes to the animals foster. The foster will reach out and set a time to connect for a meet and greet, along with a home visit. Those can happen at once or apart based on the distance for the foster or scheduling conflicts. Following the meet and greet, 24 hours needs to go by before adoption to make sure the possible adopter feels comfortable and the foster believes the match is sound.

  • If I notice the dog I have applied to adopt is gone off the website, what does that mean for my possible new pet?

Here at Emotional Rescue, we strive to be different than other rescues in our response time and our availablity. When you notice the pet's profile has been taken down, it means that they have two applications in. Now everyday we get more inquries than one could count on dogs, so until we have two hard apps the profile will remain up.

  • How long does it take to adopt a dog from Emotional Rescue?

The process can depend a little bit based on the foster and potential adopters schedule. We hope to make the ordeal as quick as possible. Our goal is to have it take about week, but once again it does depend on schedules.

  • I am unable to take this new pup home right away and we just fell in love! What do we do next?

If you are going on a vacation but want to adopt one of our animals, we understand these trips are planned months in advance but loving some puppy eyes can be very sudden. If you are leaving for an extended get away or even just have some things going on, please let us know right away. Normally we allow 24 hours for everyone to think about things then we would want a decision about what is best for all parties. After the meet and greet if everyone agrees it to be a good fit, we will ask for some type of fee to hold onto your pet until you get back; we will not allow them to go directly into boarding or stay with another person right after they are adopted. Based on the amount of time and the pet you are interested in, we will determine the fee at that time. There is no set amount as a 5 lbs dog eats a lot less than a 95 lbs dog.

  • What is your "Foster to Adopt" program?

We understand falling in love can take some time and that some of the animals in our care can be sometimes ill, or need some recoup time. For an animal that is healthy and vetted, when going to their foster home that foster has 10 days to decide they want to 100% adopt that dog. If we should run past that 10 days, we need to examine any apps coming in and rule those out before the foster would be able to adopt the animals in their care. For critters that may be undergoing heartworm treatment or mange treatment, until it is decided on by the rescue that they are running on all gears again they will not be eligible for adoption, but instead be looking for a long term foster or a foster who is planning to adopt them once they are all fixed up!

  • Where do the dogs you rescue come from?

The dogs that come to Emotional Rescue can be from anywhere in the States, most from MN or TX. Most of the dogs we take in are some type of sick, whether it be due to malnutrition, mange, wounds inflected through abuse or fighting, and many other sad cases.

  • All the dogs in Emotional Rescue seem ill.. why is that?

Here at ER, we do the opposite of cherry picking. We don't only take dogs that are obviously healthy and perfect to adopt. We pull dogs whose temperament is good, but bodies or minds can be damaged. Several of our dogs are looking for long term fosters, as they are heartworm positive, while others come while suffering from various stages of mange. Our objective is to take the dogs who need some TLC that might not make it otherwise.

  • What can I donate?

Inside our wishlist tab is everything we need to flourish! Don't know what to get? We have a PayPal as well, for direct cash donations but the greatest thing you can ever give a rescue is your time. Please considering fostering or volunteering!

  • What does the adoption fee include?

Our adoption fee can vary by dog. Some dogs come in healthier than others, with more medicine than others, and with more information than others. Our adoption fee covers microchip, all rounds of required shots, thorough vet examination, heartworm treatment if applicable, and dewormer for every dog. Some puppies coming to ER will not already be fixed and depending on their age we will not alter them prior to them being both healthy enough, and mature enough.

  • I am looking at a dogs picture and their breed appears to me to be off! Why is that?

The vast majority of our animals are strays and found half dead in more than a couple cases. When we get our animals in, we take our best guess at what their breed is and label them as such. We cannot guarentee their DNA in any way, shape, or form. If you are applying for a dog and live in a place where they have some form of breed restrictions, please keep that in mind.

  • My application was denied, can you tell me why?

Emotional Rescue holds the right to deny any application for any reason. In our line of work, it is the job of the foster, interviewer, and references to be 100% honest at every turn to assure this animal will be cared for. If something doesn't add up or doesn't seem right, we will let you know right away. Never will we sacrifice an animals well being to make a profit or to be polite. If one animal we feel isn't the right fit, we will also let you know that, as we always have pups looking for homes. Being denied from adopting through us is something that can happen and it can happen at any point in the adoption process as well, so we apologize for any inconvenience. We will always operate on the belief that our animals lives depend on our choices.

  • If I send funds to help a certain dog, does it always go to the dog I want it to?

Sometimes we get lots of money toward one dog that could maybe be used elsewhere. Never does any of the money we get go to our pockets even though we are not registered as a 501 (c) 3, but something to keep in mind is that many of the dogs we can take in have some type of medical issue. It's kind of what we do! So when you give us a donation, if the pup you want it to go to needs help you bet it will go right to them. Otherwise, it may help fund another dogs Heartworm treatment, their leg surgery, spays and neuters, and lots of other things to help our animals get ready for their forever homes!