Emma Plover - Artist

Emma smiles at you through the picture, they are white, have short shaved hair, they have brown round glasses, gold hoop earrings and a septum ring, wear a pink cap and a grey short sleeved dress. They're sat in an outdoor seating area at a cafe.





Through my creative practice, I explore my relationship to the spaces and landscapes I call home.

I'm interested in the ways I share these spaces with those around me, especially those who aren’t often seen.

By giving voice to my rural Queer experience, I seek to explore how my ADHD influences my practice as an artist and my experience of the world.

Looking up through pine trees the moon is visible in a blue sky mottled with light clouds.
A collage with a fragment of quilt embroidered with fruit and flowers, overlaid a coloured background, red and pink hearts surround these.

A beautiful red rose bush with multiple bright fragrant blooms.


‘Developing Your Creative Practice’ recipient

- 'Stories of the River', Beauty & Utility, Pershore Library
- 'Queer Constellations' Museum of English Rural Life, University of Reading

- ‘Bodies of Nature’, Disability Arts Online

- 'From the Middle of Nowhere' British Vogue

- 'Queer and Pleasant Land' Panel Discussion,

London Film Festival, British Film Institute


- 'As Water' by Sabrina Fuller (contribution), Obstructions, Castlefield Gallery, Manchester
- '(Re)wilding' Junior Digital Artist in Residence, Rural Media
Full CV available on request

- ' Bodies of Nature' screening, Q&A, Borderlines Film Festival Open Screen, The Courtyard Hereford 2022
- (Re)Wilding Screening, Q&A, Out & Proud Wirksworth & District Lgbtq+ Screening, Northern Lights Cinema, 2021

The tip of the crown of an ancient oak tree fills the bottom of the image. Bright blue spring sky is visible behind.


I have ADHD and I consider myself Neurodiverse.

I pioneer support for people with mental health disabilities / people who define as Neurodiverse and their access to the arts.

I aim to challenge stigma, discrimination and prejudice towards mental health and I am open to discussing my conditions and how these affect me.

Please contact me for my access doc.

What is an access doc?