Emma Plover - Artist

In my practice, I explore my relationship to the spaces and landscapes I share with others.

I am available for commission and am always looking for opportunities to develop my practice.

Contact: emmaplover@outlook.com

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My Practice

In my practice, I explore my relationship to the spaces and landscapes I call home.

I'm interested in the ways I share these spaces with those around me, especially those who aren’t often seen, and the ways I can document or share this experience.

The art and media we consume can deeply impact the way we feel about ourselves, growing up I didn't see (and don't often see) my experience of the world represented. The importance of Queer representation cannot be understated for the impact it can have on young queer or LGBTQIA people's mental health, especially in a rural environment.

I continue to explore and document my experience of living in the countryside as a queer person and the idea of coming back to live here. Whilst also developing my visual language around how I can talk about my ADHD and how this influences my practice as an artist, and also my experience of the world.

My work often takes the form of video, collage, exploratory drawings, and zines, with my attention often being drawn to the overlooked experiences of familiar surroundings, the magic contained in our everyday lives and the nature I am a part of.

I also use writing as a way of making physical my ideas and thoughts, sometimes they're my thoughts, sometimes they're channeled from elsewhere, a practice I'm still exploring my connection to.

My writing often takes the form of poems, in the style of spoken word or reflections. I also like using found text cut up and used to make collage poems, which are often channeled.

It's important to me I examine the ways I approach the making of my work, and how I can make my work more accessible to others whilst also challenging the idea of what can be considered art and who is considered to be artists.

About Me

There's nothing I love more than walking with my dog in the nature I'm blessed to live with in Shropshire.

I have a love of the local plants, birds and insects with whom I share the space, and exploring the intangible relationship I have with the energy they bring.

Emma uses ‘them/they’ pronouns.

(e.g. “they left their book on their desk”)

I have ADHD and I consider myself Neurodiverse.

I pioneer support for people with mental health disabilities / people who define as Neurodiverse and their access to the arts.

I aim to challenge stigma, discrimination and prejudice towards mental health and I am open to discussing my conditions and how these affect me.

Please contact me for my access doc.

What is an access doc?

Workshops, events, talks I've attended and found interesting.

I'm always looking for accessible and affordable events to attend in Cardiff , Manchester, Birmingham and surrounding areas

Please contact me if you know of any that may be of interest