I'm a Senior Lecturer in Computational Linguistics & Translation Technology at the Research Group in Computational Linguistics, Research Institute in Information & Language Processing, University of Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England, U.K. My research interests include Computational Linguistics, Translation Technology, Computational Linguistics for the Digital Humanities, Cultural Analytics, Corpus Linguistics, and Arabic. I'm especially interested in how computational linguistics can help better the understanding of the Humanities. I finished my PhD in Computational Linguistics at Indiana University in 2010, and I have experience in both the industry and academia. I previously held positions at Carnegie Mellon, UQAM, Nuance Communications, and IU.


  • Our paper Computing Happiness from Textual Data (co-authored by Sayed Mostafa ) has been accepted for publication by the Stats journal.
  • Our paper Profiling idioms: a sociolexical approach to the study of phraseological patterns has been accepted as full paper at EuroPhras 2019. The paper is authored by Sara Moze and myself (of course).
  • We are partnering with the BBC in a computational study of English Literature. While I'm not supposed to reveal much about the exact nature of the collaboration yet, please read this news story from the BBC: BBC Arts announces The Novels That Shaped Our World
  • Our paper Arabic-SOS: Segmentation, Stemming, and Orthography Standardization for Classical and pre-Modern Standard Arabic (co-authored with Zeeshan Ali Alsayed ) has been accepted for presentation at DATECH 2019. Only 28 papers have been accepted. Our paper had a rating of Strong Accept by all reviewers. Please check the github repository here.
  • I'm currently (March 2019) in Belgium as a visiting scholar at KU Leuven where I will lead three workshops on Arabic and Islamic Digital Humanities: Computational Fatwa Analysis, Building Arabic Frequency Dictionaries and A Corpus Study of Arabic Future Particles.
  • My proposal on 'Arabic future particle variation' has been accepted for presentation as a full paper at CL 2019. The conference will take place in Cardiff in July 2019.
  • I have recently participated in the Whither Islamic Digital Humanities: Analytics, Tools, and Corpora conference which was held at, and sponsored by, the Dutch Royal Academy of Arts and Sciences. I talked about our project on Arabic Cultural Analytics and introduced some new NLP tools that we have created for handling pre-Modern Standard Arabic.


  • Principal Investigator of Arabic Cultural Analytics, a QNRF-funded project that aims to build computational linguistics tools for early modern Arabic.
  • NLP Consultant on The Other in Islamic Salafi Thinking, a project based at l'Université du Québec à Montréal . PI: Rachad Antonius.

Sample Publications


I'm currently teaching Research Methods in Corpus and Computational Linguistics to MA students at the RGCL. I have previously taught Programming for Computational Linguistics, an Introduction to Computational Linguistics, and Corpus Linguistics.


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