I'm a Senior Lecturer in Computational Linguistics & Translation Technology at the Research Group in Computational Linguistics, Research Institute in Information & Language Processing, University of Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England, U.K. My research interests include Computational Linguistics, Translation Technology, Computational Linguistics for the Digital Humanities, Cultural Analytics, Corpus Linguistics, and Arabic. I'm especially interested in how computational linguistics can help better the understanding of the Humanities. I finished my PhD in Computational Linguistics at Indiana University in 2010, and I have experience in both the industry and academia. I previously held positions at Carnegie Mellon, UQAM, Nuance Communications, and IU. The header image is from the Wikipedia page on Bayes' Rule. I'm not an expert on statistics, but I really appreciate the Bayesian approach.


  • Principal Investigator of Arabic Cultural Analytics, a QNRF-funded project that aims to build computational linguistics tools for early modern Arabic.
  • NLP Consultant on The Other in Islamic Salafi Thinking, a project based at l'Université du Québec à Montréal . PI: Rachad Antonius.

Sample Publications


I'm currently teaching Research Methods in Corpus and Computational Linguistics to MA students at the RGCL. I have previously taught Programming for Computational Linguistics, an Introduction to Computational Linguistics, and Corpus Linguistics.


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