The board members and trustees of the Elwood Education Endowment are community and business members who are passionate about augmenting the educational opportunities available to Elwood students. We volunteer our time to actively solicit donations and sponsor fund-raising events for programs not covered by the school budget. Working in cooperation with the Superintendent's Office, we are committed to maintaining and improving the quality of education in the Elwood School District.

Board Members

President: Deena Purow

Vice President: Michele LaMena

Secretary: Eileen Coolbaugh

Treasurer: Tim Mayette

Assistant Treasurer: Jason John


Agapi Bell

Nikki Crowley

Fiona Goetz

Susan Jannace

Amy Kassan

Kathleen Koster

Janine Kuroda

Francine John

Tracy Luyster

Liz Savitsky (social media coordinator and webmaster)

Charter Members

Caryl & Jeffrey Abrams & Family

Mr. & Mrs. Lou Annunziata

Mr. & Mrs. Dan Austin

Julie & Chuck Badlato & Family

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Banks

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Barter

Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Bates

The Bechtold Family

The Blauer Family

Mr. & Mrs. Bixby Brink

Dr. & Mrs. Sal Caputo

Mr. & Mrs. Eric Coolbaugh

June & Neil Coscio

Nancy & Jerry DeMeo

Digestive Health Center

The DuNaier Family

Roberta & Douglas Erlagen

The Ferrandina Family

Mr. & Mrs. Albert Flad

Dr. & Mrs. Charles Fried

Dr. & Mrs. Richard Fried

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hansen-Plohetski

Susan & Joseph Janas

Judy Jorge

Barbara & Michael Kaszubski

The Kawecki Family

DoreeAnn Kohl-Moszczyc

The Kossmann Family

The Koster Family

Mr. & Mrs. Walter Koster

Patricia, Michael & Alex Kresner

Elizabeth & Brian Madden

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Maina

The Matos Family

Marianna & Keith McDermott

Vinnie & Jack McKenna & Family

Sheila & Neil McPherson

The Metalios Family

Mr. Thomas Multer

Patti & Ken Nowack

Dr. & Mrs. Brian Nowak

Jeanine & Stephen Orent

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Peden

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Resnick

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Ronayne

Lori & Scott Rosen

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Rosen

Mr. & Mrs. Steven Savarino

Dr. and Mrs. Fred Schmauch

The Sherman Family

The Spring Family

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Stark

Mr. Michael Squillante

The Taylor Family

The Vallejos Family

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Williams