The Grant Process

The Application Process

The EEE is proud to offer a Grant Program to educators in the Elwood School District. Our goal is to provide financing for educational programs and services NOT covered by the school district's budget. If you are a full time staff member of the Elwood School District you are eligible to apply for a grant to fulfill a need. Grants are awarded at two levels:

Mini Grants - up to $500

Star Grants - up to $7,500.

Learn about past winners by visiting the Grants Page



Grant documents from the 2019/2020 process can be downloaded by clicking on the links below :

* Grant Application letter

*Grant Application instructions - this document provides guidelines and helpful hints for preparing a grant application. It also includes the criteria and rating rubric that are used to evaluate each grant application.

* 2019/2020 Grant Application - PDF version - this version can be downloaded and used for handwritten applications.

* 2019/2020 Grant Application - Microsoft Word version - this version can be downloaded and used to prepare an application electronically.

Please Note: While applications can be prepared electronically, they unfortunately cannot be submitted electronically. All applications must be delivered to the Grant Administrator at the following address:

Janine Kuroda , EEE Grant Administrator, 1 Ashford Lane, Huntington, NY 11743.


  • The EEE Grant Committee will use a defined scoring criteria and 4-point rubric to score each grant.
  • Once all the grants are scored, they will be ranked according to their score and will be presented to the members of the EEE for review.
  • The EEE members will make final grant awards based on the ranking and the available funds.
  • Collaborative efforts among teachers/staff are welcomed.
  • Relevant attachments may be included.
  • Completed applications must be reviewed and signed by the building principal before being submitted.
  • An applicant may submit an application for one Star grant and/or one Mini Grant. More than one Star Grant or Mini Grant from an applicant will not be accepted.
  • Confirmation of receipt of the grant application will be sent via email.

Awards will be announced in the Spring. Successful applicants will receive information explaining the disbursement process.

For more information please contact: Janine Kuroda, Grant Administrator at 631-210-6237 or .

Scoring Criteria

Grant Applications will be reviewed by the EEE Grant Committee and scored blindly according to the following criteria, using the defined rating rubric found on the Grant Application Preparation Instruction document :

Clarity of Presentation:

The grant application clearly describes the program, the activities related to the program, and the desired outcome of implementing the grant.

Well Outlined Budget:

Items requested support the project.

Innovation and Impact:

The project has potential impact beyond the specific class; it is replicable elsewhere and/or will positively impact the general educational environment.

Appropriateness for the EEE:

The grant contributes to the EEE's goal of enhancing and enriching the educational opportunities of students in the Elwood School District.