Welcome to Cub Scout Pack 968. Based out of El Segundo, CA we are a close-knit and highly active pack providing a year-round program of fun, exciting, and educational activities for boys and girls from kindergarten through 5th grade. Activities include outdoor adventures, community service projects, camping trips, the Pinewood Derby, and hosting El Segundo's annual Cub Scout Derby.

Joining a Cub Scout pack that's right for you and your family is a key decision that can make a big difference in your experience. Not all Cub Scout packs are alike. Yes, they all follow the same program, but there can be subtle differences in the way packs plan and execute their program.

​Here are a few things to consider when joining a pack:


The closer your pack, well, the closer your pack. Pack 968 is based out of the El Segundo Scout House where many pack and den meetings are held. While the majority of our scouts do reside in El Segundo, we do have (and welcome) scouts from neighboring communities.

Your Schedule

We all have busy schedules and your child's schedule may be even busier than yours. Pack/Den meeting times and frequency do vary, so consider a pack that works for your schedule. See Pack 968 Meeting Schedule. Please contact us for specific pack and den meeting times.

Parent Participation

Scouting is a FAMILY activity. The more involved our families, the better the experience for our scouts. While all parents are involved to some degree, Pack 968 is fortunate to have a highly involved group of parents or guardians active across multiple committees. See our "Pack Leaders."

Pack + Den Size

Pack 968 is comprised of about 40-50 scouts across 6 dens. Each den consists of 8 scouts on average (an ideal size per the Boy Scouts of America); and at almost 50 total scouts we have strength in numbers when it comes to pack activities and outings.

We encourage you to take a look around the website, and don't hesitate to reach out with any questions.