Upcoming at Caltech

ACM 270 -- Model Reduction for Large Scale Simulations

  • 9 units, graduate course covering the mathematics and algorithmic principles of projection-based model reduction, and the use of reduced models in application

  • Instructor and course developer, Winter Quarter 2021

Previously at MIT

16.s685 -- A Hands-on Introduction to Computational Engineering

  • 3 units, P/D/F exploratory course targeting first-years with no prior programming experience

  • Co-developed course with three other graduate students

  • Co-instructor, Spring 2018 and Spring 2019 terms

16.003 -- Unified Engineering: Fluid Dynamics

  • 12 units, core class of undergraduate aerospace engineering curriculum

  • Teaching assistant, Spring 2018

Other teaching activities

  • Course developer, "Machine Learning, Modeling, and Simulation Principles", as part of the MITxPRO professional education offerings

  • MIT Kaufman Teaching Certificate Program (completed in 2019)