WGST 25 Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies Online

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Course Title and Description

WGST 25: Introduction to Women's Studies, Feminism Demystified

Lec-3 Credit, Degree Applicable P/NP Available

Introduction to the origins,purpose, subject matter, and methods of Women's Studies and to feminist perspectives on a range of social issues affecting women of diverse backgrounds.Study of the formation of gender and its intersections with race, class, sexuality, dis/ability, age, religion, and other systems of difference. UC/CSU

Introduction to Women's Studies is completely online. Students are expected to log in daily to the course website, submit bi-weekly assignments and (ideally) attend all live video meetings. Prerequisites: none.

Live Video Meetings

WOMN 25 is an online course with live video meetings. While I encourage students to attend, they are optional meetings, not mandatory.


Instructor: Elisabeth Arruda

Email: earruda@ccsf.edu

Phone/Text Me: (415)-748-5734

Office hours: Online Chat; I'm also available to meet by appointment via Zoom.

Required Textbook: Gendered Lives

Kirk, Gwyn., and Margo. Okazawa-Rey. Gendered Lives: Intersectional Perspectives, Oxford University Press, 2020.

  • Edition: 7th

  • ISBN: 9780190928285

  • Author: Kirk

  • Publisher: Oxford University Press

Note this is the 7th edition. While there are many earlier versions available, the quizzes correspond to the 7th edition.

The textbook is required. Exams and assignments are based on this edition. Available as a rental for the semester through the bookstore: http://ccsfbookstore.bookrenterstore.com/ Many other retailers, (Amazon, Textbooks.com etc.) offer the book as a rental for the semester for as little as $29 with free shipping both ways, compared to the cost of purchasing the book new, $115, ouch! You can also rent or buy a digital copy of the textbook.

Recommended: Book Finder, where you can find the best price to buy the book, new, used or for rent.

Available on Reserve: CCSF Ocean Campus Rosenberg library.

How to Log in to our Class!

CCSF uses the learning management system called Canvas. It is essentially a course website where all of the discussions, activities and assignments in the course take place.

Logging into Canvas

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If you are on the waitlist for either class, providing that there is space, you will be added from the wait-list in the order that you were placed on the wait-list generated by Admissions and Records.

The instructor cannot put you on a waiting list. The College's registration process controls the waitlist system.

Please do not email asking to be added to a wait-list. Unfortunately, I cannot.

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Prepare to Learn Online

Students should visit http://www.ccsf.edu/Departments/Distance_Education/students.htm to prepare for learning online and learn more about:

    • minimum Hardware and Software Requirements

    • FAQs about distance learning

    • links to DPSP and CCSF resources


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Syllabus Sample

Curious about what the course looks like? Click on the link below to see a typical semester class' syllabus (Microsoft Word document). The actual syllabus for any particular class will be emailed to participants on the first day of the course.