2021/04/06 New version (v1.2a) of the excellent LnxCopy. Visit website www.ilnx.cz.

2021/03/28 Updated a software collection for the eLeMeNt ZX in download section. A lot of useful apps and demos, incl. fabulous Pentagon software.

2021/03/28 Updated core in download section. Check you use the latest Alchitry Loader (v1.2.6) when core-flashing.

2021/03/22 Updated firmware in download section. AY/YM and ABC/ACB selection, HiRes improvements and more...

2021/03/15 The eLeMeNt ZX motherboard is now in production and for sale! Orders available in the eshop RETROCOMP.CZ.

LMN128's Diary

2021/03/15: LnxCopy supports now the eLeMeNt ZX hardware. Thank you, Lanex!

LnxCopy is a copier, simple file manager and tape-archives editor with modern user interface. It allows you to perform operations on your Speccy that were previously the domain of more powerful PCs. All eLeMeNt´s memory is supported, so you can load huge amounts of data recordings from one side of an audio casette in one go. Then sort all programs from your old tapes, make TAP files, transfer to a SD/CF card etc. Check out ilnx.cz. Great software!

2021/02/11: Two new graphics mode for fan/fun.

HiResColour - 512x192pixels / 64x48attributes: Spectrum attributes (Two buffers switching like on ZXS 128 in page 7) – linear layout

pixels: #4000-6FFF (#C000-EFFF) (12KB)

attrs: #7000-7BFF (#F000-FBFF) (3KB)

HiResTrueColour - 512x192pixels / 64x48attributes: TrueColour indexed attributes - 16ink/16paper colours(Two buffers switching like on ZXS 128 in page 7) - linear layout.

pixels: #4000-6FFF (#C000-EFFF) (12KB)

attrs: #7000-7BFF (#F000-FBFF) (3KB)

Index of TrueColourTable: #7C00-#7C5F (#FC00-#FC5F)

2021/01/06: SetUp utility of eLeMeNt ZX. There is unique info about using system and user ranking.

2020/12/12: eLeMeNt ZX in +2 case with and without optional cutouts.

2020/11/25: Version 1.1. of the board. Some improvements and fixing. I hope final.

2020/10/21: Soldered. I have started testing.

2020/10/06: Prototype board v1.0. Probably final size.

2020/10/03: Prototype board v1.0. Probably final size. Ready to route.

2020/09/11: for HW designers, eLeMeNt ZX will be internally expandable by two ways, by a internal zxbus pin headers and by extra board inserted between main board and FPGA board.

2020/08/30: Prototype board v0.0 (no final size). Real Z80 CPU works on 20MHz with no wait states! Pentagon 128 memory and timing mode implemented.

2020/07: The project started.