2021/08/02 Tips and hints, chat, user's requests, guide, newbie help > Telegram group eLeMeNt ZX & MB03+ Users Forum started.

2021/07/24 Updated core with ZX-Uno's Radastan graphic mode and Z-Controller.

2021/07/04 Updated core with an external PC keyboard and mouse support. A partial support of the ZX-Uno. Details in Prog. Ref. in the docs section.

2021/04/23 Updated core in the download section. New esxDOS v0.8.9 in FPGA Rescue Mode, digital sound and TSFM improvements.

2021/04/22 The User's Manual was extended, download it from the docs section.

2021/04/06 New version (v1.2a) of the excellent LnxCopy. Visit website www.ilnx.cz.

2021/03/28 Updated a software collection for the eLeMeNt ZX in the download section. A lot of apps and demos, incl. fabulous Pentagon software.

2021/03/28 Updated core in the download section. Check you use the latest Alchitry Loader (v1.2.6) when core-flashing.

2021/03/22 Updated firmware in the download section. AY/YM and ABC/ACB selection, HiRes improvements and more...

2021/03/15 The eLeMeNt ZX motherboard is now in production and for sale! Orders available in the eshop RETROCOMP.CZ.

LMN128's Diary

2021/07/24: Radastan video mode originally first presented on ZX-UNO. I added it to eLeMeNt ZX and MB03+ Ultimate as well. There are some nice games and demos.

2021/06/06: Good news for all those of us who don't have a redundant ZXS+2/+3 keyboard: a PC keyboard is connectable to the eLeMeNt ZX. Any ps/2 keyboard with an USB adapter or an USB keyboard which supports ps/2 protocol.

2021/05/30: HiResindeXedColour is second new graphics mode of eLeMeNt ZX. It extends first one (HiResColour) about indeXedColourTable (#60 bytes) .

2021/05/19: Exact timing #4. Bordertrix by Cheveron: Timing is very important for multicolor and border effects use in games and demos. Recorded at eLeMeNt ZX in ZX48, ZX128 and Pentagon modes.

2021/05/18: Examples of HiResColour mode. First is modified Slavo Labsky's effect, second is LNXcmd (in development) amazing file manager.

2021/05/17: Subliminal Extacy #04 exists in two version. Normal and Enhanced. Second one use graphics mode HiResColour (512x192pixels/64x48attributes). This mode is primary intended for tools like file commanders and text apps. HiResColour was presented first in MB03+ and eLeMeNt ZX.

2021/05/16: NSID_Emu_TS. Very interesting sw for ZX Spectrum based on Simon Owen's SidPlayer. It uses CPU and TurboSound for playing Commodore sid files (music). You can enjoy it at eLeMeNt ZX or MB03+ as well. Recorded on eLeMeNt ZX.

2021/05/06: Look into the SetUp. Background music Jan Kucera, remixed by Karel Matocha. Original Mike Oldfield.

2021/05/05 Exact timing #3. NaPicu demo by code: Jiří Dron Sléžka and music: Bell. Includes timing demanding multicolor and move by Z80 DMA chip. Recorded at eLeMeNt ZX in ZX128 mode.

2021/05/04: Impressive SW for ZX Spectrum! It uses TurboSound FM for playing S98 songs intended for Yamaha YM2608 sound chip. 6 FM + 3 SSG + 1 single channel for samples. I like it this song. Enjoy and relax. Recorded at eLeMeNt ZX in Pentagon 1024 mode.

2021/05/02 Exact timing #2. EKLHAFT II demo by Jan Palenicek, Branislav Bekeš and POke. Includes timing demanding multicolor and border effect. In addition to these there is nice Sid music in the second part of this demo. Recorded at eLeMeNt ZX in ZX128 mode.

2021/04/28: I love zx demo progs. The exact timing of any speccy machine (ZX48, ZX128, Pentagon,..) is important for demomakers. I paid attention to it in the eLeMeNt´s design. Here is an example, others will follow. I think the eLeMeNt ZX is the first enhanced ZX board with precise timings aligned with the digital video output.

2021/03/15: LnxCopy supports now the eLeMeNt ZX hardware. Thank you, Lanex!

LnxCopy is a copier, simple file manager and tape-archives editor with modern user interface. It allows you to perform operations on your Speccy that were previously the domain of more powerful PCs. All eLeMeNt´s memory is supported, so you can load huge amounts of data recordings from one side of an audio casette in one go. Then sort all programs from your old tapes, make TAP files, transfer to a SD/CF card etc. Check out ilnx.cz. Great software!

2021/02/11: Two new graphics mode for fan/fun.

HiResColour - 512x192pixels / 64x48attributes: Spectrum attributes (Two buffers switching like on ZXS 128 in page 7) – linear layout

pixels: #4000-6FFF (#C000-EFFF) (12KB)

attrs: #7000-7BFF (#F000-FBFF) (3KB)

HiResindeXedColour - 512x192pixels / 64x48attributes: indeXedColour attributes - 16ink/16paper colours (Two buffers switching like on ZXS 128 in page 7) - linear layout.

pixels: #4000-6FFF (#C000-EFFF) (12KB)

attrs: #7000-7BFF (#F000-FBFF) (3KB)

indeXedColourTable: #7C00-#7C5F (#FC00-#FC5F)

2021/01/06: SetUp utility of eLeMeNt ZX. There is unique info about using system and user ranking.

2020/12/12: eLeMeNt ZX in +2 case with and without optional cutouts.

2020/11/25: Version 1.1. of the board. Some improvements and fixing. I hope final.

2020/10/21: Soldered. I have started testing.

2020/10/06: Prototype board v1.0. Probably final size.

2020/10/03: Prototype board v1.0. Probably final size. Ready to route.

2020/09/11: for HW designers, eLeMeNt ZX will be internally expandable by two ways, by a internal zxbus pin headers and by extra board inserted between main board and FPGA board.

2020/08/30: Prototype board v0.0 (no final size). Real Z80 CPU works on 20MHz with no wait states! Pentagon 128 memory and timing mode implemented.

2020/07: The project started.