Most Popular Publications by Dr. Helen Barrett

Selecting a "Free" Online Tool for ePortfolio Development (2012) (PDF)

Balancing the Two Faces of ePortfolios (2011, British Columbia Ministry of Education, Innovations in Education, 2nd Edition) (PDF)

Is the Future of ePortfolio Development in Your Pocket? (originally published in 2011 in MacLearning)

Blurring the Boundaries: Social Networking & ePortfolio Development. TEDxASB (India) February 25, 2010. (19 minutes) Video posted to YouTube - Article originally posted to MacLearning in September 2011

Online Personal Learning Environments: Structuring Electronic Portfolios for Lifelong and Life Wide Learning (2009, On the Horizon)

White Paper: Researching Electronic Portfolios and Learner Engagement (PDF) (2005, TaskStream, adapted for IRA Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, March 2007 -PDF)

Research: Multiple Versions of Online Presentation Portfolio (2004-2011)

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