Elect Dominique Brown for Manatee County Commissioner District 1

Campaign Agenda:

Community Infrastructure

While the need for increased investment in infrastructure is clear, what is often less recognized is that infrastructure goes well beyond the traditional image of trains, highways, bridges, airports, and ports. Local infrastructure is crucial for healthy communities to thrive and broadens the view of where resources are needed: transit to link neighborhoods to business and job centers; affordable housing units for workers; access to clean water and reliable electricity; and internet connectivity.

I will work to make sure that District 1’s needs are heard and develop a plan to ensure we get to work on this on day 1!


I will work with Public Works - Traffic to ensure that traffic studies are conducted in a timely manner. I will work to make sure that current traffic issues are resolved. I will make sure, that as a board member, the board is proactive in planning for roads that will accommodate new vehicles in new developments without placing a burden on the existing roads.

I will listen to the needs and wants of the residents of District 1 and, on day one, work with elected officials from other districts to ensure that traffic in Manatee County is vastly improved.

Attainable Housing

We need more attainable housing in District 1 and in the County. I will ensure that developers are aware of the incentives put into place by the Board and for every new development that is approved, attainable housing is offered to our working class citizens.

Everyone should have the opportunity to live in District 1 and shouldn't be prohibited from doing so because the cost of rent/mortgage shuts them out. Other Districts have attainable housing where many of our Teachers, Emergency Responders (Fire/EMT/LEO) live, we should have the same! No family should have to double or even triple up in a home in order to live in our District.


I plan to work directly with the Environmental Review Section to ensure that during the development planning process the county's natural resources are protected and preserved while seeking to balance growth and development. I will push for a Stormwater Impact Fee that is not solely funded by taxpayer dollars and is also simple to understand.

Employment Opportunities

First, I plan to help businesses restore jobs that were lost because of the COVID-19 pandemic. We need to get people back to work and we need to do it NOW!

Second, I plan to make it easier for business owners, like myself, and future business owners establish their businesses here. It doesn't matter if you are a farmer, small business owner, restauranteur, entrepreneur, or big chain store, your voice is important! There should not be an exceeding amount of hoops and hurdles put in place by the government that prevents business owners and would-be business owners from achieving their dreams. We shouldn't have to leave District 1 in order to patronize places of business that can be located in our community.

Third, I promise transparency and handle board "Business in the Sunshine" as the FL Constitution calls for!

Diversity and Inclusion in Local Politics

I promise to be THE voice for residents in District 1. I represent what Manatee County needs to Focus on Our Future. I have served the public for most of my adult life, but I am not a lifelong politician.

I will bring the voice that reflects the current residents of District 1. We have a very diverse population in both District 1 and Manatee County, our elected board should reflect all of the constituents who reside here.

District 1 is the light blue shaded area.