Mr. Dahl is running for The city of Chattanooga’s mayor. A decision he made so that everyone in the city could have a voice and representation. If elected Mr.Dahl wants to address an issue we all are affected with. And that issue is our failing infrastructure. Not only has our sewers failed us but we are constantly reminded that our roads have issues every day. Some of these roads have started to turn back into gravel and others keep getting patched where there is an underlying issue. And some roads don’t meet federal requirements. It is time that not only we make sure the city falls into compliance with the EPA mandated consent decree put in place to address the sewer breaches. But, also make sure that when road work is done the workers or contractors are following city code. In a one, to two-inch rain event, we can see sewer breaches all over the city. Some of which have gone on for years polluting our water source. It’s time we take a stand and show that we have had enough. Mr. Dahl has seen that the city is out of compliance with the consent decree and has spoken out. And hopes in the Future others will join him speaking out.

The Epa Consent decree is a complex document that is in place to make sure the city is maintaining and addressing its failing sewer infrastructure. Part of the consent decree has a portion that deals with areas of chronic sewer overflow. From section VI. COMPLIANCE REQUIREMENTS: iii. Chronic Overflow Locations. Notwithstanding the provisions of

Paragraph 20.(h).ii., Chattanooga shall not authorize a new sewer service connection or an

increase in flow from an existing connection in any part of a Sewershed up sewer from a Chronic

Overflow Location unless Chattanooga certifies that the cause(s) of the Chronic Overflow

Location has been or will be eliminated, or Chattanooga satisfies the requirements of Paragraph

20.(h).iv., v. or vi. below. Any new sewer service connection or increase in flow from an

existing connection authorized prior to the elimination of such cause(s) of the Chronic Overflow

Location shall be conditioned upon the completion of any project eliminating such cause(s) prior

to the time that the new sewer service connection or flow increase is introduced into the SSS.

For purposes of this subparagraph, “Chronic Overflow Location” shall mean those locations

within 500 yards of each other that have experienced collectively, within the twelve (12) Months

prior to the date of certification, more than five (5) SSOs; provided, however, for purposes of this

definition only, SSOs occurring within 500 yards of each other that are caused by a Single

Rainfall Event shall be counted as one (1) SSO at the location of the largest SSO. For purposes

of this Section, "Single Rainfall Event" shall have the meaning as defined in Part 4 of

Chattanooga‟s NPDES Permit, which provides: “A „rainfall event‟ is defined as any occurrence

of rain, preceded by ten (10) hours without precipitation, that results in an accumulation of 0.01

inches or more. Instances of rainfall occurring within ten (10) hours of each other will be

considered a single rainfall event.”

We see time and time again developments that go into places of chronic overflows. The city under the consent decree is mandated to address these overflows in a certain way. This way can be found in the City’s Mandated Sewer overflow response protocol. The Failing of our sewers have led to road issues such as depressions and collapses. These compounding issues have led to an increase in our sewer bill. Since 2012, it has gone up 9.8 percent like clockwork around October.,creep%20above%20the%20%2450%20mark.

Mr. Dahl’s Fix to this problem is simple, First, we need to ensure the billing is done at home and not sent to Enco in California. We have to ensure that not only is the sewer fee is going towards its correct use, But also the stormwater fee we pay with our homeowner tax. We need to invest in our public works and have them do a Majority of the paving work. Mayor Berke Created CDOT to address the paving issue but all it has led to is more fraud, waste, and abuse of tax dollars. For years we have repaved or resurfaced when some of the streets do not need to be built up. Like our City Government, our infrastructure needs a complete overhaul. The Gas tax reimbursement program also plays a big factor in paving the roads in Chattanooga as well. It is time we come up with a plan that will bring the updates our infrastructure needs.

The plan Mr Dahl has in mind to address the infrastructure will have to be one that works with the city’s utility company EPB. This plan will consist of a city-wide green infrastructure plan. The plan is to not only make the roads fit federal requirements but also the sewers. A plan that will put in on-street parking spots. A plan that will address sewer breaches that have gone on for years. A plan that once in place can be used by future administrations. A plan that will spur a solar street light initiative and bring light to darkened streets. This plan also fits into the restructuring of many city departments. For more information feel free to contact Christopher Dahl at 423 693 4731. The Time for Change is now.