Mr. Dahl is Running for Chattanooga City Mayor and might also run for County Commission District 4.

Mr. Dahl is looking to shake up the status Quo with his innovative ideas to move the city of Chattanooga forward. Dahl is planning on putting out comprehensive write ups to accomplish the goals of bringing the power back to the People. Dahl Runs a historical site called "Chattanooga has History" which has lead him to the path to run for office.

We can see that the County representatives ,City mayor's and our city council's do not care about the majority of people.

We see a Chattanooga City Mayor and council that upholds oppression, systematic racism, panic peddling, and a lack of care for human life.

Chattanooganian's in this city especially African American, Hispanic Asians, Old and Poor People are trapped. We are trapped economically, politically, academically, and socially. Economic Exploitation, political subjugation, social misrepresentation, and the failure of the entire educational system. An educational system that prevents people from gaining opportunities that will allow everyone to get ahead.

We see the city that pays for a disparity study that sidesteps all the real issues. A study that instead of addressing the whole picture just focused on a small window.

We see Millions of Dollars Misspent and millions mismanaged. We keep making it on the list of one of the worst managed cities in the US. And, yet we just pat each other on the back. The police breach their training and policy on a daily basis and yet no one bats an eye. Our sewers are breaching during one to two inch rain events because of the lack of Compliance of the EPA Consent Decree. We see developers having their way with the cities assets. Meanwhile, Evictions are at an all-time high and the homeless population keeps growing.

My hope is for everyone in Chattanooga to wake up to the Corruption, Favoritism, Nepotism, and Misspending that is going on in our local government. So when it comes time vote for someone who will fight for everyone, vote Dahl. To get in touch with Mr. Dahl one can call 423 693 4731. or email