Who I am

I am passionate about the environment and interpersonal justice and have worked tirelessly for both of these since young adulthood. I started environmental groups at the University of Pennsylvania where I earned my B.A. in American Civilization. As a Special Educator, I became fluent in sign language to assist developmentally challenged children to communicate. I made sure I studied with any Professor or program that would give an advantage to my students. I consider equal access to learning and powerful student growth a civil right. My M.S. in Special Education is from Portland State University and I went on to work with some of the most challenging youth in my schools. I was awarded Outstanding Teacher of the Year by ARC of Benton County in 1991.

Halfway through my career I discovered a love of Biology and gained teacher certification in the subject while working full time. In addition to Biology, I also taught Advanced Placement Biology, Zoology and Microbiology. I partnered with several Biotech and cancer research organizations and won many grants to obtain advanced equipment to provide students with authentic laboratory research and data mining.

Since retiring, I have worked with Citizens' Climate Lobby to create the political will for a sustainable world. I have traveled to Washington, D.C. and met with our congress members to lobby for an effective Climate Change bill that mitigates the economic impact on citizens. I have met with constituents to get their input for our Members of Congress, and worked with organizations to get their endorsement for a carbon fee which dividends the fee back to Americans in monthly checks.

I have lived in the Northwest since 1973 and in Washington State for 25 years. I have been a resident of Snoqualmie for 11 years. I have two grown children and a beautiful granddaughter. I adore hiking, biking and being outdoors whenever possible. I have great concerns for our stunning land and am determined to preserve and take good care of it, whether in the Community Supported farm I am a member of, or use of mechanical and volunteer efforts rather than chemical means to keep our trails clean and open.

Hiking our gorgeous trails

My fabulous CSA: Jubilee Farms

CSA= Community Supported Agriculture