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Videographer Credit: Lumbra Productions

Watch Eggnog Queen's Music Video Filmed In Woodstock, Illinois

Who Is The

Eggnog Queen?

Eggnog Queen represents a POC female year round holiday character that creates original and quirky songs, music videos, and children's programming to make you smile. Inspired by Pee-Wee Herman, Mr. Rogers, Elvira and Svengooglie, the Eggnog Queen's mission is to help people realize and live their dreams, especially young people.

Eggnog Queen's Mission

To spread the magic of all holidays and invoke imagination all year round to inspire you to realize and live your strengths and dreams, especially in young people.

Who Created The Eggnog Queen...

Hi I'm Robin Mordini from Chicago and I created an original magical character called the Eggnog Queen. The Eggnog Queen started as an original entire Holiday album of eggnog songs with music videos and a web series. That's right - eggnog only. original holiday character with a Holiday/Christmas Album made of 100% Eggnog Related Songs & Original Children's Programming coming soon. Video shorts available now here.

Eggnog Queen Biography

The Eggnog Queen started as an oriignal cosplay and recording artist and has grown over th eyears into quirky kids programming similar to the likes of Pee-Wee Herman meets Mr. Rogers. Eggnog Queen represents a POC (Person of Color) female Christmas character that Robin felt was missing among characters that traditionally surround the holidays. She celebrates multiple holidays year round through original music and media. Eggnog Queen has created a universe of fun year round holiday characters. The Eggnog Queen's mission is to help people realize and live their dreams, especially young people. She is currently shooting the pilto episode for distributuion with oriignal programming shorts, music videos,a nd holiday music available now on all major music platforms. Eggnog Queen lives in Nogtopia, a land in the near future in an alternate dimension where eggnog has replaced water. Enter Nogtopia an d join the fun of Eggnology - the theory of Eggnog. Thank you my Little Nutmegs!

It All Started When...

The idea for Eggnog Queen started over a decade ago when I found myself listening to Chirstmas songs earlier and earlier each year. Looking forward to the hoiday season and especially having that first sip of eggnog and decorations going up all around me. felt like magic and the songs can instantly warm you up and transform your mood at any time of year.

The Eggnog Queen, Homegrown Nutmeg,

Secret Time Traveling Eggnog Recipe

Eggnog Forever Summary

Nogtopia is a land in the future that has multiple dimensions and timelines. Characters from all holidays live in Nogtopia and eggnog has replaced water. Something is off about the quirky village and Eggnog Queen must find a combination of the legend of the ancient eggnog recipe and the magical nutmeg seed to restore order in all timelines. The ancient secret eggnog recipe allows Eggnog Queen to time travel and restore order to Nogtopia.

A Day In The Life Of The Eggnog Queen...

"Remember...Try The Homemade Stuff!"

-The Eggnog Queen