The European Einstein Toolkit meeting 2022 was held at University College Dublin from 29 August - 2 September 2022.

The Einstein Toolkit is a community-driven Open Source software platform of core computational tools to advance and support research in relativistic astrophysics and gravitational physics, including Numerical Relativity, studies of Neutron stars and Magnetohydrodynamics.

The first two days of the meeting included lectures and tutorials geared towards new users of the toolkit. The following three days focused on the status and future development of the toolkit, including scientific talks as well as dedicated discussion sessions. Participants interested in giving a scientific talk are welcome to submit an abstract during registration. Lectures, tutorials and talks will be presented in-person and broadcasted via Zoom for those who are unable to attend physically.

There was no registration fee. Subject to availability of funds, a small number bursaries were given to early career researchers (upon request) to offset the cost of accommodation.

You are welcome to send questions or informal inquiries to

Dates: 29 August - 2 September 2022

Location: Room B0.04, School of Computer Science, University College Dublin (building 17 on this map)

Slack channel: For access to the workshop slack channel please contact the organisers at the above address.

Confirmed Invited Speakers:

  • Sarp Akcay, University College Dublin

  • Thiago Assumpçao, West Virginia University

  • Josu Aurrekoetxea, Oxford University

  • Miguel Bezares, SISSA

  • Steve Brandt, LSU

  • wBoris Daszuta, University of Jena

  • Peter Diener, LSU

  • Bruno Giacomazzo, University of Milano-Bicocca

  • Roland Haas, NCSA/UIUC

  • Ian Hawke, University of Southampton

  • Sascha Husa, UIB

  • Wolfgang Kastaun, MPI for Gravitational Physics

  • Hayley Macpherson, DAMTP

  • Matteo Breschi, University of Jena

  • Jordan Nicoules, Universite PSL

  • Alicia Sintes, UIB

  • Dina Traykova, Potsdam

  • Karim Van Aelst, MPI for Gravitational Physics

  • Alex Vano Vinuales, University of Lisbon

  • Niels Warburton, University College Dublin

  • Barry Wardell, University College Dublin

  • Miguel Zilhao, Universidade de Aveiro

Scientific Organizing Committee:

  • Bruno Giacomazzo, University of Milano-Bicocca

  • Helvi Witek, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

  • Miguel Zilhao, Universidade de Aveiro

Local Organizing Committee:

  • Christiana Pantelidou (chair)

  • Vojtech Witzany (member)

  • Sarp Akcay (member)

  • Adrian Ottewill (member)

  • Niels Warburton (member)

  • Barry Wardell (member)

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