Accessible Schools Project

It is disheartening to find countless number of people with disabilities on the streets of Ghana begging for their livelihood. How has this happened? Perhaps the main reason is that due to the lack of the implementation of inclusive education policy in Ghana; a country where disability is a taboo word, and no one wants to hear it, let alone see a child with a disability in the classroom.

Most often, when educational plans are made towards the school physical structures, school curriculum, teaching and learning materials and even the mode of assessment, children with disabilities are rarely taken into consideration.

This inclusive school building project seeks to address all these issues of exclusion of people with disabilities in the Nsawam–Adoagyiri community. We acquired land from the community and it is our vision to build this school that welcomes every child, especially children with disabilities. This school will be using principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL), a pedagogical approach that makes information accessible for students with diverse learning needs by providing multiple means of representation, multiple ways of actions and expressions, and multiple means of engagement. The UDL framework ensures that students have multiple pathways to learn information.

This design could set the new standard for the other countries in Africa. Please join us in helping to make a difference.

Accessible Schools Project Phase 1

Accessible Schools Project Phase 2