Creating and Using Media for Learning

Here is link for the Winter 2020 semester:

EDPT 204 is the introductory course for educational media and technology at McGill University (Education Faculty).

The course reviews :

1. audio-visual education (text, visuals, audio, video, augmented and virtual reality)

2. media and information literacy from kindergarten through university levels

3. the rationale and underlying principles for the design, production and effective use of media are emphasized.

The course takes a studio teaching and project-based learning method. The class time is made up of interactive mini-lectures, readings based discussion, guest speakers, briefings, small group hands-on work, projects, student led activities and presentations.

Students are expected to view, listen, or read the assigned material BEFORE each class, participate in the classroom and on-line discussions, as well as actively engage in the production activities.

The course consists of three major components:

  • Critical Media Theory --> Marxist Analysis --> Rhetorical Analysis --> Cultural Analysis --> Psychoanalytic Analysis--> Feminist Analysis -->Sociological Analysis (wks. 1 - 6).
  • Media Pedagogies --> history --> audiovisual --> mass media --> educational media --> media / digital literacy (wks. 7 -13).
  • Creating Media for Learning --> text --> image --> audio --> video --> animation --> multimedia --> ebooks --> augmented & virtual reality (wks. 1-13).

Class is scheduled on:

Tuesdays --> 6:05PM to 8:55PM - from January 9 to April 10, 2018 in room 129 of the Education Building. 3700 McTavish Street.

Course website:

You will need to create a Twitter (hashtag #edpt204) and a Mighty Network account ( for your weekly reflections.

For more info on the course contact Sam Bruzzese at

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this course you will:

  • Be able to think critically about the power and influence of media in our daily lives.
  • Demonstrate how to foster media literacy in course design and practice from K to university levels.
  • Demonstrate instructional design and assessment principles for effectively creating, using, and evaluating a variety of educational media and technology devices.
  • Demonstrate your understanding of these principles through the creation and evaluation of learning materials for specific pedagogical objectives (i.e. the Quebec Education Program) when relevant.

Required Texts

You will be required to purchase a custom course text from Paragraph Bookstore (2220 McGill College Avenue just south of Sherbrooke). The course pak includes selected chapters from the Critical Media Studies book and the complete Media Literacies book for approximately $68.00.

"Contemporary models of media education, conversely, tie together the consumption and production of media, recognizing both as equally significan elements of media literacy." Hoechsmann & Poyntz, p. 16

The banner on the website is taken from Blade Runner 2049. One of my favourite films this year. Stunning images and visuals. Ties in perfectly with one of the course themes.

Class is scheduled on:

Tuesdays --> 6:05PM to 8:55PM - from January 9 to April 10, 2017 in room 129 of the Education Building. 3700 McTavish Street.