Why Submit?

Why Submit?

The benefits of submitting your school to #EdPins are numerous and evolving. Here are a few reasons to submit your school to #EdPins:

1. Find out what other teachers are doing in their classrooms in schools around the world or across the street

2. See the different teaching methods schools offer when making a schooling choice for your child

3. Pick the best school for your teaching style when looking for new employment within schools

4. Give back to your alma mater by publicising how their education prepared you for the real world

5. Demonstrate positive digital citizenship and take back your school's reviews page

6. Connect with real-world educators and students for transformative work and projects

7. Community moderation of #EdPins submissions means positive comments float to the top of your school's Google Maps entry and suppresses negative, hurtful trolling

8. Contribute to a crowd-sourced and curated selection of the best methodologies and pedagogy in learning