Q: Do I need to be able to tumble to make a team?

A: To make the varsity competition team all athletes must be exceptional in three out of the four areas; stunts, jumps, tumbling, AND motions/voice/dance. You are expected to have a minimum of a standing and running back handspring on the varsity level, but if an athlete exceeds the expectations in stunting, they may be placed on the varsity competition team without tumbling. There is currently no minimum tumbling skills required to make JV, however, it is expected that an athlete improves each season in order to be placed on the competition team.

Q: I am an underclassman and I want to tryout for varsity, can I?

A: Any 7-10th grader who has not previously been on varsity will be trying out for JV. All underclassmen who show exceptional skills will be asked by the varsity coach if they want to be considered for varsity. You do not tryout for varsity, the varsity coach decides if you will be pulled up based on your JV tryout. You will attend all JV open practices during the summer unless you are asked by the varsity coach to attend a practice. Being an underclassman on the varsity team is a privilege that is only given to cheerleaders that show superior skills in stunting and/or tumbling. Negative attitudes will not be considered and maturity, responsibility, and school performance is a big factor when being placed on varsity.

Q: I'm a 7th or 8th grader. Can I tryout for JV since there is no modified team?

A: YES! If you are a 7th or 8th grader and have not passed the NYS APP testing you will have to do so after making the team. We very selectively pick underclassmen to be on the JV team. We will not put any 7th or 8th grader on the JV team who shows negativity towards being able to pass the fitness test.

Q: Do I have to attend tumbling?

A: When tumbling is during the off season and $6 it is not mandatory. Those days are open to anyone interested in fall or winter cheerleading. During the fall and winter seasons tumbling is mandatory and will be discounted to $4 per session. You are required to attend practices that take place at WILD All Stars during the season. The school does not provide bus transportation so you will be given a schedule weeks in advance so you can work out carpooling if necessary.

Q: I'm a 10th grader and do not want to be on varsity this year, will this decision impact my chance of making varsity next year?

A: Yes and no.

Yes: Because that spot that was open for you this season is now open to an underclassman. Once you have competed at the varsity level you cannot go back to JV--so that current 7-9th grader will also be trying out for varsity when you are. They will be at an advantage because they have had the experience at a varsity level. Also keep in mind that you should not be holding yourself back from pushing your skills further by working to be on varsity. Understand that cheerleading is a COMPETITIVE SPORT and every position on either team is strategically picked to maximize the potential to meet the scoring rubric.

Your goal as an Eden cheerleader should be to compete at the varsity level. If you are asked to be on the varsity team it is because you will be an asset to that team. Your team should always come first. You shouldn't hold yourself back on JV just because you want to be captain your sophomore year, or be on a team with your friends. Our entire program works together to build two strong teams, and we're all friends!

Q: What does it mean if I'm on the game day team?

A: Game day cheerleaders show potential but aren't quite ready to compete yet. This could be because of past performance, not improving since last season, or academics. You attend all practices and cheer at games but do not compete at competitions. If a teammate has to leave the team for any reason, or you show improvement and commitment, the coach may offer you a spot on the competitive team.

Q: I have no cheerleading, gymnastics, or dance experience, will I make a team?

A: Do not let your lack of experience or background in cheer keep you from trying out. We are looking to build a strong team with all ranges of experience, especially on the JV team. You might surprise yourself at tryouts and have more skill than you think! Also keep in mind that your commitment and dedication will take you further than any skills!

Q: Is there a minimum tryout score required to make the team?

A: To make JV you must have a minimum score of 18/40. To be considered for a spot on the varsity team in the winter season you must have a final score of at least 25/40. Earning this score does not automatically put you on varsity. Other factors such as grades, attendance, and needs of the team are factors when deciding team placements. If you do not make a team or have a question about your team placement you can either e-mail Coach Sam or send a direct message on Instagram about what you can improve for the future. (Tryout secret: this shows us that you really want to cheer and we like that!)

**The rubric for the 2019-20 is not yet completed. These exact numbers are subject to change. The rubric changes every year to meet the goals we have for our team. HINT: start working on making your motions and jumps sharp and precise

Q: Do I have to do both seasons? (Fall and winter)

In short, no. We have two separate try outs for each season.

However, we encourage you to do both seasons. Fall is typically the season to learn skills and build team bonding because it is not competitive. We only compete one time just to get a score of where our routine is (NYS is beginning to phase out competitive cheerleading in the fall). If you only do fall you are less likely to be incorporated into stunts because we need stunt groups that will continue working together throughout the rest of the year.

If you only do winter you will be very behind on skills, causing a set back for your entire team. Cheerleading is a two season sport for a reason. Committing to practices from the off season (May to Mid August), through the fall season, and into winter helps the team work seamlessly together. If you are a 2 season cheerleader then your skills will improve much faster, making you more likely to make the team every season and be used in stunts and tumbling for the routine.

Basically, the goal of varsity is to go to states and that only takes place during the winter season. If you are not committing to both seasons then you need to work twice as hard to be at the same level as the athletes who have been practicing since May. We put the best athletes on the competition mat. Cheerleading is a competitive SPORT.