Practice interview

Introductory rate: $29


How does Ed4Med LLC's practice interview prepare me for the actual interview?

  • You can face a real faculty interviewer.
  • You get immediate feedback immediate about any shortcomings and ways to further improve your performance.
  • You can practice answering difficult interview questions.
  • You get a chance to ask questions to the interviewer, a great strategy to show your interest in a program.

Who is the interviewer?

Varun Agrawal MD (Dr. Ed) conducts the interviews.

How should I setup for the online interview?

Google hangouts (this allows recording of the interview), high speed internet, webcam and microphone are adequate for quality video calls. You need to be in a quiet room to avoid distraction. Dress formally as you would on interview day.

Why do you need my residency application and personal statement?

Residency interview questions are personalized based on your desired specialty, past learning experiences and any clarifications that may be needed on your personal statement.

I am hesitant to send my personal information in my application. What do I do?

You can strike out personal details such as birth date, mailing address, social security number or any identifying information as per your personal judgement on any materials submitted by you.

Can I ask you questions during the interview?

Yes, you should definitely ask questions regarding the (imaginary) residency program and educational opportunities just like you would in a real residency interview. After the interview is concluded, you can ask questions about your interview preparation and performance.

How long is the interview?

It takes 20-25 minutes for the practice interview and 5-10 minutes for feedback on your performance and Q&A.