1-on-1 consultation

Introductory rate: $29


What questions can I ask in this consultation?

You may ask questions on how to plan your preparation for US residency, trends on residency applications, when to take the necessary exams, how to select programs to apply, how to obtain research experience or clinical experience, timeline of application, information on visas, how to write your residency application and personal statement and learn about useful resources available. At the end of the consultation, you will have a clear plan as to when to take the exams, how long to space out the exams and what to do in special situations.

When is a 1-to-1 consultation most useful?

This consultation service is most effective in the planning phase when you are trying to decide regarding whether US medical residency is perfect for you and your career needs. This typically means anywhere between 6 to 18 months before starting residency training.

Who provides the consultation?

Varun Agrawal MD provides this service.

What materials would you need from me?

A CV or resume (either for your residency application or another position) is very helpful to provide personalized guidance.

How should I setup for the online consultation?

Google hangouts (this allows video recording), high speed internet, webcam and microphone are adequate for quality video calls. You need to be in a quiet room to avoid distraction.

I am hesitant to send any personal information. What do I do?

You can strike out personal details such as birth date, mailing address, social security number or any identifying information as per your personal judgement on any materials submitted by you. At the end of the consultation, anything you share with Ed4Med LLC will not be used or shared with anyone.

How long is the consultation?

Up to 30 minutes.