Modeling on Ecology and Evolution meeting

Biweekly meeting for sharing and discussing recent research trends on ecology and evolution studies.

In parallel, irregular seminars will be announced.

Organizers: Hye Jin Park (APCTP), Deok-Sun Lee (KIAS), Sang Hoon Lee (Gyeongsang National University)Please, contact one of the organizers to join the meeting.

Scheduled JC


Scheduled Seminars


Upcoming JC

Speaker: 김유섭 (이화여)

Speaker: 박영재 (APCTP)

Speaker: 박혜진 (APCTP)

Speaker: 이덕선 (KIAS)

Speaker: 이상훈 (경상국립대)

Speaker: 이주희 (APCTP)

Speaker: 이현우 (인하대)

Speaker: 하미순 (조선대)

Upcoming Seminars

Speaker: 김은정 (Korea Institute of Science and Technology, 천연물연구소)

Speaker: Takashi Shimada (The University of Tokyo)