Elkhart County Down Syndrome Support Group

PO Box 1224, Goshen IN 46527 ecdssg@mac.com

Who we are...

Welcome! The Elkhart County Down Syndrome Support Group consists of about 50 families who have come together to support each other, educate ourselves, and increase the awareness and acceptance of the community toward those with Down Syndrome.

We have periodic gatherings and fundraisers, and we invite anyone who has children with Down Syndrome, or has an interest in supporting those who care for them, to join us. Click on the links above to find our calendar of events and other information about ECDSSG.

Not on our mailing list? Contact Matthew Lind at ecdssg@mac.com

Finally! With the slow-down of the pandemic, we have scheduled a bunch of new events for the second half of this year! Click here or on the Events tab at the top of this page.