Early Childhood Coalition of Greater Wichita County

The Early Childhood Coalition of Greater Wichita County was established to bring together local service organizations in addressing the needs of young children and their families in our community. Approximately 40 organizations from childcare, education, mental and physical health, social services and many other crucial services are now involved in the coalition. Four sub-committees were formed to work on initiatives to support the education and health matters of our community. They are: Fatherhood Engagement, Family Self-Sufficiency, Literacy and Maternal/Child Health. County data was gathered first in 2012 and again in 2015 through the Early Development Instrument (EDI) to determine the needs of children and young families in Wichita County by zip code. The EDI Task Force was created to address the vulnerabilities found through the EDI in the areas of Physical Health & Well-Being, Social Competence/Emotional Maturity, Language/Cognitive Development and Communication Skills/General Knowledge. Once the coalition and task force were introduced to the Adverse Childhood Experiences study, we realized that many of the issues we are trying to address stem from ACEs. With this in mind, we transformed the task force to work on both EDI issues and ways to address and prevent ACEs in our community. We now have four committees (Education, Physical Health, Mental Health & Social Work) working to help their professions determine both small and large changes that could help address ACEs.


The vision of the Early Childhood Coalition is that young children and their families in North Texas will thrive and contribute their unique gifts to society as a direct result of the dynamics created by community collaboration

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The Early Childhood Coalition exists to make connections and fill gaps in the systems serving families with young children in North Texas.


  • Positive expectations for all children and their adult caregiver

  • Question the plan, not the dream

  • An all-inclusive perspective of health and wellness

  • Commit the time, energy, and resources necessary to accomplish our mission

  • Transform effort into success for any family

  • Community-wide accountability for outcomes

View the entire Early Childhood Coalition Strategic Plan below.

ECC SP 2018.pdf