Eastside Invitational 2020

Eastside Invitational Event Registration Form

Cost is $75 and Registration material must be received by Monday, December 2nd, 2019

Fill out the Google Form to register, and then mail the confirmation response with your check to the address below:

Remi Darroch 
(Make checks Payable to Stevenson High School)
Stevenson  High School
39701 Dodge Park Rd
Sterling Heights
MI 48313

Make checks payable to Stevenson High School Please make sure to include your team name with the check so we know who has paid! Teams will be admitted on a first come-first serve basis. Please complete a separate registration form for EACH team entered.

Add your school colors to the team name to distinguish main and alternate team names (i.e. Stevenson Blue, Stevenson Red).

Each team participating will supervise one event and bring the supplies, tests, answer keys, and equipment to run that event. Each team will receive a full set of blank tests, your students' tests, and the answer keys for each event.

All teams participating in an invitational tournament need to register with their respective state Science Olympiad. The state membership fee must be paid prior to participating in any competition