Jesus said, "Whoever welcomes [a] child ... welcomes me" (Matthew 18:5). Children are our present and our future, our hope, our teachers, our inspiration. They are full participants in the life of the church and in the realm of God.

God calls us to make our churches safe places, protecting children and other vulnerable persons from abuse. God calls us to create communities of faith where children and adults grow safe and strong. Safe Sanctuaries is our response to this church wide challenge. All members that work with our children and youth are required to complete the Safe Sanctuary background check.

Click the tree to fill out the online Safe Sanctuary background form

  • Eastside has policies in place for dropping off and retrieving children. Please adhere to those policies which are in place to provide the utmost safety for your child. The policies can be reviewed by contacting Jessica Melton
  • No one may drive any type of vehicle owned by Eastside unless they are properly licensed for the vehicle and meet other requirements as set by the Transportation Committee.
  • On Sunday all doors will be locked except the front doors starting at 10:30 AM. You will be able to go out but only be able to return through the front.

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