** All ages are welcome. On this Wednesday night GA’s, RA’s, Youth, and Adults will attend the meeting before doing their normal activities. All other church members who are interested in hearing details and information about the mission trip are encouraged to attend as well.

This is a Churchwide Mission Trip to River Ridge Church in Jeffersonville, Indiana. Starting on 7/21 through 7/27. Everyone is encouraged to participate. Families-Youth-Young adults to senior adults.

Welcome: Rev. Andre and Family

Music is a vital part of our ministry and our worship experience at Eastside Baptist Church. Music, has always been the link and a common connection as the people of God.

It is our pleasure to introduce Rev. Maggie Andre', who has received recommendation from the Search Committee and voted on today by our congregation to serve as our next Minister of Music and Education.

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Wednesday, May 8th


7:00 P.M. in the Sanctuary.

Sunday, May 19th

10:30 A.M (during worship service)

High in the mountains in the impenetrable Agape Fortress, General Agape has called the mighty Agape League together to solve a crisis in Suburbiana City! Calling on the super-powered fruits of the spirit available to every follower of Christ, these heroes must also face an enemy within their own ranks when Ironblade forgets his superhero identity (self control) and becomes entangled in the pervasive worldly culture. Things worsen when they learn that unless each member continues to exhibit their gifts, the entire group faces the same fate! Will the League recover their powers? Will the citizens of Suburbia City be saved? Will the source of true power – God’s Word – finally be utilized before time runs out?

Join us to find out....

Class of 2019

Congratulations to the graduating class of 2019!

If you would like to be recognized on Graduation Sunday please follow the link below to fill out the required questionnaire.

1165 Wyke Road Shelby, NC 28150