Teaching Armenian in the Diaspora

INALCO Diploma Program in Teaching Western Armenian in the Diaspora

This program is aimed at current & future teachers of Western Armenian in bilingual schools around the world (full-time schools exist in Europe (Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece), in the Middle East (Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Israel), the Americas (US, Canada, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil), and in Australia). Only a high school diploma equivalent to the French Baccalaureate is required to register in the program (other proof of completion of secondary study may be accepted). The program's yearly capacity is 15 participants.

The program’s goal is to improve the training of current and future teachers of Armenian in the diaspora, such that they are fully competent in their field while also skilled in navigating the particular sensitivities of this subject, critically questioning pedagogical canon and actively pursuing their own continuous professional development. With the goal of improving the status of the professional Armenian teacher, the program is not a Master's degree in itself, but is designed to offer credits (ECTS) that are transferable to BA and MA programs in language teaching.

Method of Delivery

· In-person class hours are delivered in residence during a 4-week intensive summer program. This is situated in an immersive, creative, youth summer camp environment, organized by the Gulbenkian Foundation. In 2021, the dates of this camp will be July 12 to August 7. The camp provides a learning laboratory for observation of innovative language teaching methods. The distance component of the program lasts throughout the school year. In case of restrictions due to the pandemy, an online program will be offered instead.

· There are 4 modes of study, totaling 103 hours. These include classes, seminars, workshops, and training in a novel foreign language. In addition to these hours, students engage in supervised observation of language acquisition through the summer camp, and participate actively in mentoring as they apply new techniques in their classroom throughout the year (practicum). These are validated through the submission of a thesis and/or oral exam, and videos of classroom implementation.

The program is eligible for credit delivrance in a Inalco special diploma or as a part of the new Armenological Master program of Inalco for International students (no knowledge of French required) to begin September 2021.

· It is required that participants in this program be willing to engage actively with new pedagogies throughout an entire school year. The summer period of intensive training is intended to serve not only as a time to learn new methods, but also as a catalyst for critical reflections on instructional practices. It is therefore of crucial importance that participants be willing to invest in experimentation and personal reflection leading to transformative practice, if they are to succeed in the program.

· The language of instruction is Western Armenian, although some instructors teach in English with translation and live interpretation provided.



CAUTION : 2021 camp AND training session will be delivered online : more details early March, deadline extended to MARCH 31

April 2021- June 2021 : Part of the teaching will be delivered online before the camp, with preparatory assignments for the summer intensive session (readings and reflective exercises will be required before the start of the camp).

July 12- August 7, 2021: : Intensive summer session comprised of classes, observation hours, foreign language course and assignments. Participants should expect to work intensively and to be involoved in the camp's life during this period.

September 15, 2021 - January 2022 (Winter term) : Last courses, Final submission of assignments from summer session (journal of foreign language learning, observational report, approval of projects to be implemented in home classroom). Credit for this work will be included with first semester grades, given in January 2022. Individual project planning and beginning of mentoring phase, including application of projects in home classroom. Each student will attend a minimum of 2 video meetings with their assigned mentor, and one collective video conference will be required.

February - June 2022 (Spring term): Realization, reporting and assessment of class projects.

July 10, 2022: Final grade report and awarding of diplomas. Students will receive their official grades during the month of July. The official diploma may take several months to arrive in the mail.

Cost of Study

INALCO tuition for 2021 for the entirety of the program (Instructors, mentoring, evaluation of assignments) will be 289€ + 93€ CVEC state contribution (rates subjects to minor changes). Participants must pay tuition before June 15, and receive their 2021-2022 student ID card during the camp.

Room and board costs at the summer session, as well as costs of providing the training program, are partly covered by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. The part remaining on the participant (see details here) are generally covered by each teacher’s employer, as part of their professional development budget.

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