Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival

University of Washington, Tacoma

Virtual JRMF Fall 2020

November 14th from 10am - 1pm

Hi everyone! The Julia Robinson Math Fest this year at UW Tacoma will be virtual!

The mission of Julia Robinson Math Fest is to inspire students to explore the richness and beauty of mathematics through games, and activities that encourage collaborative, creative and interactive problem-solving.

The festival will bring together students from local middle schools, high schools, and colleges to engage in various thought-provoking activities in a social and cooperative atmosphere. Participants can choose from several tables of math-themed games, puzzles, and activities where a facilitator (Faculty and students from UW Tacoma, Tacoma CC, Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma Public Schools, Engineers, etc ) will be happy to work with them for as long as they wish while providing support and encouragement. These social interactions have shown to be a critical component in motivating students.

Our mission is to create a safe place where students can learn while playing math-themes games and activities. To accomplish that mission, we host a JRFM once a year at the University of Washington Tacoma campus.

We hope that you come and join us!!

Contact one of the organizers: Duong(Rita) Than at thand65@uw.edu if you have any questions!

Our Sponsor

University of Washington Tacoma

Charting our Course: Strategic Initiative Fund

A list of some popular games and activities at UWT JRMF 2019:

2019's T-shirt Design

Free Booklets

A Few Selected Games and Activities

Responding to COVID-19 pandemic, we sadly announce the cancellation of our event in May, 2020. However, we hope to host an event in the fall 2020, and will post updates here!

Meanwhile, Julia Robinson Math Festival organization has been hosting Webinar Series, please consider to attend their Webinar series as an alternative to attending our event this May.

Link on this link to register! https://www.jrmf.org/

Stay safe and see you soon!