Go Through Dunamis Using Zoom

Like many of you have experienced, the Zoom application enables groups to meet over their computers or smart phones. The Holy Spirit blesses these connections in marvelous ways.

How to Set up a Virtual Dunamis Meeting

1. Designate one person or couple to lead. They will be the meeting "Host".

2. Designate at least two people to intercede. They will pray for the meetings as they participate.

2. The Host will need to sign up for a PRO Zoom Plan. This is 14.99.month. Zoom has a free plan, but that plan only allows for a 40 minute meeting.

3. The Host will need to watch a couple of training videos in order to lead the participants in using Zoom.

4. The participants will need to download free Zoom program on their computer or smart phone.

5. Decide on a time and Invite your participants to join. Give them the link to the night's written lesson. Open the written lesson next to the video lesson. Copy and paste the url in your invitation.

Suggested Schedule for the Dunamis Meeting.

1. Meet and greet each other. The host can play a worship video or two to lead the group in worship. Zoom allows the Host to share their screen. 10-15 minutes.

2. The Host Share the Teaching Video for that Night. Again, Zoom enables the Host to share their screen. 10-20 minutes.

3. Discussion Questions and Prayer Exercise. These are at the end of the Written Lesson. If the group is 8 or less, you can do this as a group. If larger, the Host can break the meeting into smaller groups. After 20-30 minutes, the Host re-convenes the entire group for sharing and final prayer.