DT in Practice

Mr Design himself talks about Apple and the use of materials and processes.

Ferrari assembly line.

3D form, design and inspiration.

The secret iPhone.

Prototyping and modelling using a 3D Printer.

Video showing how the Tesla is made. Great video for Computer Integrated Manufacture.

Making a career out of design.

Looking at how quality is controlled through QA and QC.

Design really is multi-disciplined and brings lots of fields of expertise together.

Inspiration in abundance.

An approach to design by Ross Lovegrove.

Why does Design matter to everyone?

Why is Carbon and its emissions such a big deal?

Can you relate to the planned and perceived obsolescence in this video.

Is design just for supercars?

Why would you want to buy a new product?

A great video showing how branding originated and what it means to us now.

Material Selection

Where does our plastic go to from the UK?

Effects of waste plastic in our oceans.

Phones are designed to be addictive