This page would be more aptly named "collaborators", as I continue to learn and grow from and through my interaction with the following inspiring people.

Maya Benichou

PhD program (submitted)

Supporting productive dynamics of design partnerships between research and educational teams

Etan Cohen

PhD program (completed)

The Co-Construction of Social and Personal Identities in Humanistic Knowledge Building Communities

Noam Malkinson

PhD program (in process)

Assessment-centered research practice partnerships

Shiri Kashi

Master's thesis (complete), PhD program (in process)

Fixedness and growth at individual and collective levels in knowledge building communities

Shir Katz

Master's thesis (complete), PhD program (in process)

The co-development of sociocognitive and socioemotional dimensions within knowledge building communities

Ibtihal Sholi (Akariya)

Master's thesis (complete)

A holistic view on arab pre-service teachers’ understandings of the future of education

Liat Rachmian

Master's thesis (complete), PhD program (in process)

The freedom to learn in communities: Exploring the interdependence of individual and community Interests

Jacqui Basil Shachar

Master's thesis (complete)

You can’t force it: The emergence of collaborative learning norms In technology-enhanced learning communities

Daniel Twersky

Master's thesis (complete), PhD program (in process)

Distributed spatial sensemaking in augmented reality sandbox learning communities

Chen Yaari

Master's thesis (complete)

Taking responsibility over knowledge building processes: The co-mediation of space and idea-advancements

Ruthy Ben Yishay

Doctoral student (in process)

The co-development of educators' identities as learners and teachers as they participate in simultaneous learning communities

Michal Singer

Master's thesis (complete)

Facilitator feedback on students' identities

Shiri Shemesh

Master's thesis (complete)

Building teacher-student alliances in Humanistic Knowledge Building Communities