Twilight Of The Apocalypse

Released on Battlegod Productions 2010,

Digital release: Dry Bone Records

Banquet of Ashes

EP, Released on The Oath 2008

Digital release: Dry Bone Records

Antares Predator was formed from the ashes of Øyvind Winthers (aka Warach / Skuggemannen) WOlf327 project in the Mid 90's. The band became Øyvinds first priority when leaving Keep of Kelssin around 1999. AP has seen several lineup changes during the years.

Past members and significant contributors: Magnus Hjertaas (Ghash), Steffan Schulze, Vegard Larsen (VYL), Stig Hegge, Mikal Svendsen, Vegard Harkjerr, Gionata Potenti, Jan Benkwitz (Blastphemer)

As of 2020 new music are being written, and as always it will be released when the time is right.