Project title: Advanced Technologies for Post-Disasters Reconnaissance, Forensic and Environmental Impact Studies

Funding agency: MHRD, India.

Research Grant: Rs 81,27,978

Participating universities: Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, Georgia Institute of Technology, University of California Davis, University of Cambridge, Indian Institute of Science.

Principal Investigators: Prof. Prashanth Vangla and Prof. David Frost

Co-Principal Investigators: Prof. Alejandro Martinez, Prof. Gopal Madabhushi, Prof. G. V. Ramana, Prof. Ayothiraman, Prof. K. S. Rao, Prof. C. T. Dhanya, Prof. Harsha Kota, Prof. Siva Kumar Babu, Prof. Madhavi Latha.

Project title: Snakeinspired Smart Surfaces for Man-made materials interacting with Soil

Funding agency: SERB, India. ( )

Research Grant: Rs 33,00,000

Principal Investigators: Prof. Prashanth Vangla

Project title: A Multiscale Study of Shear Response of Single-Particle and Continuum Materials Interface for Geotechnical Applications

Funding agency: Faculty Interdisciplinary Research project (FIRP), IIT Delhi

Research Grant: Rs 10,00,000

Principal Investigators: Prof. Prashanth Vangla

Co-Principal Investigator: Prof. Nitya Nand Gosvami (